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August 2008

Scott Rockfeld, Group Manager of Microsoft Mobile Communications gave an interview on Fox Business and was quite forthcoming on the subject of Windows Mobile handsets.

Basically the context of the interview was ?competitors to the Apple iPhone? which is sometimes a bit annoying because the Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile are not always heading for the same demographic.

They speak about such smartphones as the BlackBerry, HTC?s Touch Diamond, the HTC Touch Pro, and the BlackJack II, and avoid the Apple iPhone.

The Fox host called the Motorola Q ?a bust? so kudos to him, although the Motorola Q did sell over the million.

Whatever, it is interesting to watch and learn about the message that is getting out to those people who don?t actually use the net or don?t read the mobile phone blogs. Seems there are such people out there in the big wide world after all.
Anyway, enjoy the video?

In Google?s first Android Developer Challenge, Google has judges and chosen the top twelve developers, and these twelve developers, be they individuals or developer shops will find themselves considerably richer for entering.

Out of the fifty applications which made it through to the final round in the Android Developer Challenge, ten have been awarded a cool $275,000 each while another ten receives an equally cool $100,000.

As expected and being backed by Google and Android, quite a few developers came up with location based services as their integral theme, for example the grand prize winner.

The grand prize winner was Locale, and application which automatically switches device settings based upon current location. If you check out the list of winning applications you?ll soon realise just why Google made them the winners.

Obviously Google running this Android Developers Challenge was a great way to bring out the best the developers could come up with for Android.

Winners list

Source ? Engadget

Looks as if the CEO of Sony is having second thoughts over Ericsson in their joint venture, as the CEO of Sony has spoken out about their partnership with Ericsson and saying the Sony Ericsson brand must perform better to survive in the mobile arena.

Sony CEO, Howard Stringer spoke to German newspaper Die Welt, and when asked id Sony was considering terminating their partnership with Ericsson, he replied: “It’s certainly been a difficult year but buying out a partner is never an easy thing.”

Citing a slump at Sony Ericsson and weakening prospects for its electronics division amid tough price competition, Sony lowered its net profit forecast for the year to March 09 by seventeen percent.

On the future of Sony Ericsson, Stringers said: “We have to work together again as we did two years ago. Or the joint venture will have to find its own solution.”

So is the Sony Ericsson brand coming to an end? If so will there e a new Sony partnership?

We as drivers are well aware of the potential dangers of using a mobile phone whist driving, but it still appears that some have yet to learn of these dangers, such as this total idiot who believes texting on his mobile phone while lying back on his motorbike is a cool thing to do.

This sort of thing brings the law down hard on other motorists; it is totally stupid and also puts the lives of other motorists who are near this brainless moron in danger as well.

As most laws concerning the usage of mobile phones while at the wheel or in this case at the handle bars are in place not only to protect the driver/motorcyclist, but other who use the roads as well; surely people can see that if this guy had lost control, several other vehicles may well have been involved as he certainly didn?t have control over his bike.

Watch the video and take note

Motorola and AT&T have jointly announced the availability of the MOTO Q Global with Windows Mobile 6.1. Available exclusively to AT&T customers the MOTO Q Global has been designed with a bold pin-strip and metallic edging.

Corporate vice president of Productivity, Mobile Devices, Motorola, Inc, Juergen Stark, said: ?Consumers have been clamoring for a single device with the most advanced Windows Mobile software to keep them connected, informed and entertained, all while looking sleek and sharp. Motorola is proud to provide AT&T customers with one of the first devices featuring Windows Mobile 6.1, and the unparalleled smart phone experience of our MOTO Q Global.?

Similar to the original MOTO Q Global the new Q comes pre-loaded with BlackBerry Connect and Google Messaging, an Opera browser and Documents To GO from Dataviz which allows the user to create, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents along with viewing Adobe PDFs.

Google has decided to go with what most other platform suppliers are doing these days and go with an Android Market for Android applications, an open content distribution system that will help end users find, purchase, download and install various types of content on their Android-powered devices. (Much like Apple?s App Store)

Apparently, Android developers will be able to submit their content on an open service which will be hosted by Google and will feature a feedback and rating system much like YouTube.

To submit apps to the Android Market there are three steps, register as a merchant, upload the application with a description, and then publish the application. Apparently developers will also be supplied with a dashboard and analytics to help drive their business.

?Developers can expect the first handsets to be enabled with a beta version of Android Market. Some decisions are still being made, but at a minimum you can expect support for free (unpaid) applications. Soon after launch an update will be provided that supports download of paid content and more features such as versioning, multiple device profile support, analytics, etc.?

Further details will be release as and when available.

Source – android-developers.blogspot via macdailynews

Apple has confirmed the security flaw concerning the Apple iPhone passcode locking system which I posted on yesterday, according to Macworld.

Apparently an email sent to Macworld by Apple representative Jennifer Bowcock stated: ?The minor iPhone security issue which surfaced this week is fixed in a software update which will be released in September.?

Well at least Apple for once has responded and the promise of a September fix for the security issue is all good. Until then, users are advised to set their double tap preferences to send to home rather that their favourites as this should prevent this particular security flaw from being used.

With this new security flaw fix being added to the September update the list of fixes is growing, a list that now includes this particular security fix, a supposed fix for iPhone applications crashing, ?push? background services for apps, and supposed 3G connectivity improvements.

Guess we?ll just have to wait until the September update to see what really happens.

HiTech Stadium becomes NFL Flagship

by Techno Witch on August 28, 2008

The old saying goes that ?everything is bigger in Texas.? Well, that couldn?t be more true for the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium which promises to be the largest stadium ever built, with the largest support arches ever constructed, and doors that open on each end that could fit a DC-10 lengthwise and still have room for a forward pass over the middle.

At a glance, the specs of this new stadium shows that team owner Jerry Jones is ?sparing no expense.? The arch foundations will have 25-foot-high abutments and be anchored up to 70 feet underground. The Empire State Building could fit underneath them with plenty of room to spare. In addition, there will be an amazing 86-foot-high glass exterior where the clear glass paneling will be pelted with ceramic dots that will create a blue and gray translucence as the sun moves through the sky. The Stadium will sport the largest high definition LED displays in the world which will span from in between the 20 yard lines ? that?s 60 yards, folks. There will also be over 3,000 smaller HD LED screens all around the stadium, including personal televisions in every locker for the athletes. There will also be independent power outlets, broadband data ports, and ceiling recessed projectors for team meetings during half time.

But the big ticket items will be the field level suite boxes and VIP areas right on the 50 yard line. The major selling point being that players will pass through the club VIP area as they make their way both on and off the playing field. Yeah, we?ll see how long that lasts. In addition, there will be over 300 private luxury suites – 50 of which that will circle the field at ground level (which is baffling considering ground level is the second worse seat in the house). Guests will be able to walk right onto the field during the game and stand right behind the teams.

There will also be a retractable roof which will open and shut within 12 minutes, nearly 1,000 concession stands, and end zone party sections that will seat up to 10,000 for concerts and other special events. Cost to build? $1.1 BILLION DOLLARS making it the most expensive stadium in history. It?ll open in time for the 2009 NFL season and will seat over 80,000.

Hat Tip ? WIRED

Apple Insider is reporting that Apple has applied for a patent for a multi touch screen interface for laptop computers. This move makes the long awaited, and bi-annually rumored, MacTablet computer one step closer. And it?s all thanks to the iPhone, isn?t it?

The iPhone brought the multi touch interface to the world and it has taken that world by storm. Is Cupertino now looking to expand it (Literarlly) into a MacTablet?

Most of the 52 page patent request cites multi-touch interfaces as the key to ?accurately detecting and deciphering a plurality of simultaneous contacts on a touch screen, thereby setting the foundation for future tablet-based products. Illustrations and design descriptions speak of enlarging portions of windows to enable easy access and navigation of buttons that might otherwise be too small and crowded together for accurate and efficient use. Once buttons have been engaged, the interface would automatically go back to it?s original configuration until needed once again.

Additionally, vertical scrolling on files would take place much in the way that music is navigated in the iPhone under iTunes, with a simple swipe of a finger. And a full size keyboard would be completely virtual on the screen, enabling multiple touch and high speed typing. There will also be a virtual scroll wheel which could be of some advantage to film editors out in the field, seeking to put together a rough cut of a scene in real time while the film is being shot. Although in reality the scroll wheel will more likely be used in an ITunes style manner.

?Blitz? is a smartphone for tweens

by Techno Witch on August 28, 2008

When I first saw the TXT8010, also known as the ?Blitz?, I saw that it is billed as a smartphone for tweens. In all honesty, I thought that tweens were already into smartphones like BlackBerrys to do their Gossip Girl style conversations, but I must be thinking of teens.

No, this phone is marketed to tweens, that 8-14 age category that a lot of companies market to for quick sales. I suppose they need phones too, so it really is no surprise that that Verizon has teamed up with UTStarcom for this audience.

Features of this particular phone include the QWERTY keyboard, VCAST music, a 1.3 megapixel camera, and Bluetooth capability. I?m not certain how much internal memory this TXT8010, but it has a microSD slot for more.

I?ve heard a criticism on this phone saying that tweens are not ready for phones this advanced, but in all honesty, I believe we?re living in an era that makes it impossible for a tween to function in today?s society without the aforementioned features.

One thing I don?t have is the specs on the size of the phone. Perhaps it is a little smaller for tween hands. I do know that the ?Blitz? is available for $70 with a two year contract.

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