The Pirate Computer Mouse

It’s not uncommon to see a shiny mouse, decked out with some overly feminine design. However, there is rarely a mouse seen that uses decals that are just cool as opposed to pretty. Well this pirate mouse will help you on your way to any devious planning. The seemingly evil mouse would also be a […]

The Start Your Engines Alarm Clock

If your love of cars isn’t being expressed quite enough in your current home d├ęcor, you might check out this alarm. There have been other alarms similar to this one, but luckily this one is a little cheaper than the others I’ve seen. If you’re on the lookout for a gift for a guy impossible […]

Firewinder relies on wind to power up

Want to do your bit in keeping the earth green while decorating your home? Well, there are many ways to do so, including solar-powered fairy lights, solar-powered lawnmowers and the like, and today we have yet another idea for you to consider – the Firewinder. Let’s face it, any product named like it will definitely […]

Shred Easy unveils Urban Shredder

Shred Easy is a name that’s pretty much self-explanatory – it specializes in churning out shredders that are an important fixture at any office, gobbling up important information and making sure that said document suffers a similar fate as Humpty Dumpty, where nobody who takes a look at the post-shredding handiwork will be able to […]

Motorola RAZR3 Ruby bites the dust

A bit of sad news for all you Motorola fans who were expecting to grab hold of the new Motorola RAZR, the Motorola RAZR3 Ruby, it?s not going to happen. Yes, the Motorola RAZR3 Ruby that was talked about back in September had bitten the dust; Motorola has pulled the plug and cancelled the production.
The […]

Samsung unveil M3110 low end clamshell

Samsung it getting ready to release a new music orientated low end clamshell form factor handset, the Samsung M3110, a stylised mobile handset designed for mass production that will carry a price tag of about $180.00.
Spec wise the Samsung M3100 offers up and external and internal display, a 1.3 megapixel camera, and a 3.5mm audio […]