The Elephant Lamp

For some finding the perfect items to go into their home is fun. Well if you’re looking to decorate a kids room, why not include that in the fun too? Shouldn’t it be as well thought out and playful to mirror your child’s tastes? If so then why put just a regular boring lamp in […]

Fancy a Microsoft Tegra-Powered Superphone?

We have heard the gossip that?s been flying around at the moment about Microsoft and its own branded mobile phones powered by NVIDIA?S strong architecture for the next generation phones and MIDs at the GSMA?s Mobile World Congress in February in 2009.
But we suspect these rumours are just that, if we look at Microsoft?s position, […]

Apple iPhone app SDK rules broken by Google

Seems Google has been naughty because when creating their Google Mobile app for the Apple iPhone they have now admitted they broke Apple?s iPhone software developer kit official rules, but also deny a more serious charge.
Google has confirmed they used undocumented APIs to use the Apple iPhone?s proximity sensor to prompt a verbal search, but […]

Mobile phone is actually a Mafia pistol?

The Italian Mafia is becoming ingenious with disguising their weapons it seems, because officers from the paramilitary Carabinieri police, when raiding a Mafia gang in Naples discovered a gun disguised as a mobile phone.
Apparently the Mafia phone gun had a dummy display and could hold and shoot 4 .22 bullets, these .22 calibre shells slip […]

Motorola Aura now available in UK at £1400

The Motorola Aura is now in the United Kingdom announced Motorola at London?s St Martin?s Lane hotel launch event. The Motorola Aura will be an exclusive mobile phone available at Selfridges as of the 1st of December.
The Motorola Aura as Selfridges will have a price tag of £1,400 and be available without contract, and is […]

Samsung and InterDigital setting patent dispute

The longstanding patent infringement litigation over mobile phone broadband tech between Samsung Electronics and InterDigital is finally been settled. Basically the outcome is InterDigital is to grant Samsung “a royalty-bearing license covering Samsung’s sale of all 3G products, including products built under both the WCDMA an cdma2000 standards and their related extensions, through 2012.” And […]