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November 2008

X-ray Vision: Not just for Superman anymore

by Techno Witch on November 26, 2008

This next device is for those who, as children, shelled out their allowance money for ?X-ray Specs? only to find that these paper goggles could not see through clothes at all. All they could do is make some illusion of bones on your hands, but you had to get the light just right.

The David Steele catalog has apparently discovered the secret of X-ray vision, without the use of harmful radiation. The X-ray Vision Camera Lens attaches to most camcorders, and works as an infrared filter.

Apparently, most clothing can allow light and infrared light to pass through the fabric, and this light is reflected back through the clothing. We normally see the reflected normal light mixed with the infrared light, and the lens can filter the normal light out. This allows the clothes to look transparent, or at least give a semi-transparent effect.

I included a picture of the effect after the jump. It has the appropriate black bars over the eyes and?other areas.

This is one of those products that seems too good to be true, and I honestly hope isn?t. I really don?t want to see this X-ray lens during Spring Break at Ft. Lauderdale by guys attempting to make the next Girls Gone Wild series. Perhaps the clothing industry should respond by making clothing that shielded from the effects of the X-ray Camera Lens.

If you have a?friend who would like this X-ray Camera Lens, it is available for $199 on the David Steele website.


The Elephant Lamp

by Techno Witch on November 26, 2008

For some finding the perfect items to go into their home is fun. Well if you’re looking to decorate a kids room, why not include that in the fun too? Shouldn’t it be as well thought out and playful to mirror your child’s tastes? If so then why put just a regular boring lamp in their room? You might as well make it a part of the quirky style. Well now you can pick up this cute all white elephant to sit on their night stand. With its soft glow it’d make a great night light for those that still aren’t so great with the dark.

Since it is a soft white, it’ll likely go great with any color scheme that you happen to choose. It would also be fine for either a boys or a girls room. If you’re in love with elephants yourself, you could probably pass this off as just a bit of chic lighting in your living room. Unfortunately, this lamp is a bit expensive. It’s being sold for about $74 a piece.

Source: TeeChee

Fancy a Microsoft Tegra-Powered Superphone?

by Techno Witch on November 26, 2008

We have heard the gossip that?s been flying around at the moment about Microsoft and its own branded mobile phones powered by NVIDIA?S strong architecture for the next generation phones and MIDs at the GSMA?s Mobile World Congress in February in 2009.

But we suspect these rumours are just that, if we look at Microsoft?s position, one it?s incredibly strong relationships with partners such as Motorola, LG, Samsung and HTC plus many others, Microsoft would be very unlikely to do anything to jeopardize these relationships or that would hasten the revolt before the computer giant finishes version 7.

Not only that Microsoft would be competing with its own licensees, although Microsoft did do that with Zune but to be frank they are not in the same league, Zune Is basically a sideline compared to WinMob. So if you are waiting to get your hand on a Microsoft Superphone, you may be waiting for quite a while as we can?t imagine them coming up with a Tegra monster just yet.

BlackBerry Storm Accessories: All Storm fans need them

by Techno Witch on November 26, 2008

The Research In Motion BlackBerry Storm is now sweeping its way into BlackBerry fans hands, in the UK on Vodafone and in the US on Verizon Wireless. So now that people have RIM?s latest BlackBerry baby what they need is a few BlackBerry accessories.

There are no doubt many accessories for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm, and obviously we can?t possibly round them all up here, but we will mention a few that Storm fans should be able to find out in the BlackBerry world.

For the BlackBerry Storm you can get screen protectors, or how about a Bluetooth headset, a new skin, a charger or even desktop charging pod, a carry case, and obviously the BlackBerry Storm fan is going to need a media card. Whatever you need to accessorise your new Verizon BlackBerry Storm you can probably find via a Verizon Wireless store or online.

Apple iPhone app SDK rules broken by Google

by Techno Witch on November 26, 2008

Seems Google has been naughty because when creating their Google Mobile app for the Apple iPhone they have now admitted they broke Apple?s iPhone software developer kit official rules, but also deny a more serious charge.

Google has confirmed they used undocumented APIs to use the Apple iPhone?s proximity sensor to prompt a verbal search, but iPhone developers are only supposed to use APIs published in the SDK.

A more serious charge of it was linking to private or dynamic frameworks in the Google Mobile app has been denied by Google, as that accusation is considered to be a huge no-no within the mobile phone development community.

It is possible that Google could be force by Apple to rewrite the code for Google Mobile app if Apple decides to enforce the terms of the SDK

Car Windshield Mount with Twin Holders

by Techno Witch on November 26, 2008

Most of us don’t just have one gadget we keep in our car. For many there’s GPS, cellphone and sometimes an iPod too. Which means it would be nice to have a device that held more of our electronics. Instead of having several holders that clutter up your car. Well with this car windshield mount it will hold two of your gadgets. Ideally I wish it held three, but two at least covers a couple of your important gadgets. It could hold your cellphone and your GPS or your cellphone and your iPod. It’s just all depending on which you think is important to be visible.

Although GPS is an item that seems far more effective when you can actually see it. I suppose there is the possibility that you could put your windshield mount for your GPS above this one and have all three up. Then again, that might eat the entire windshield of your car. Each arm for each gadget is adjustable, so you can make sure it’s pointed at an angle where you can clearly see the screen. You can pick this up for $25.99 on USB Fever.

Source: EB$29.99

Mobile phone is actually a Mafia pistol?

by Techno Witch on November 26, 2008

The Italian Mafia is becoming ingenious with disguising their weapons it seems, because officers from the paramilitary Carabinieri police, when raiding a Mafia gang in Naples discovered a gun disguised as a mobile phone.

Apparently the Mafia phone gun had a dummy display and could hold and shoot 4 .22 bullets, these .22 calibre shells slip into the top of the phone under its display screen, and are then fired through the handsets antenna by pressing the trigger which is numbers 5 to 8.

The mobile phone gun was the same size as an ordinary mobile handset and the rounds are loaded by twisting the handset. When the Italian police raided and ceased the weapon it was fully loaded.

Motorola Aura now available in UK at £1400

by Techno Witch on November 26, 2008

The Motorola Aura is now in the United Kingdom announced Motorola at London?s St Martin?s Lane hotel launch event. The Motorola Aura will be an exclusive mobile phone available at Selfridges as of the 1st of December.

The Motorola Aura as Selfridges will have a price tag of £1,400 and be available without contract, and is said to be the ?must have accessory? of the season, well for those who are oblivious to the credit crunch anyway.

Although if you think the Motorola Aura is the mobile to impress your Apple iPhone or BlackBerry Storm toting friends forget it as the Motorola Aura only sports a 2 megapixel camera and GSM/DEGE connectivity.

For an abundance of Aura images hit up the source

RIM BlackBerry Storm: What would you do for one?

by Techno Witch on November 26, 2008

What would you do for a BlackBerry Storm? Well Heather put her creative skills to good use and made a king size quilt in the design of the BlackBerry Storm! You can?t fault Heather for her originality, how many people would have thought about designing a Storm quilt for the CrackBerry competition.

This is the final contest in the ?What would you do for a BlackBerry Storm? competition run by no other than CrackBerry and now it will be down to the CrackBerry nation to vote out of 10 finalists the overall winner, however there will be runner up prices as well.

Not only that this BlackBerry Storm quilt is being sold for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation on eBay from the guys over at CrackBerry. Also if you want to see Heather at work on the quilt check out the video, the making of the BlackBerry Storm quilt.

Samsung and InterDigital setting patent dispute

by Techno Witch on November 26, 2008

The longstanding patent infringement litigation over mobile phone broadband tech between Samsung Electronics and InterDigital is finally been settled.

Basically the outcome is InterDigital is to grant Samsung “a royalty-bearing license covering Samsung’s sale of all 3G products, including products built under both the WCDMA an cdma2000 standards and their related extensions, through 2012.” And the deal will also include certain payment disputes on Samsung 2G products.

Analyst Tom Carpenter of Hilliard Lyons estimates the value of the settlement for InterDigital is between $400 and $500 million, and the agreement calls for Samsung to select a payment option within 45 days.

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