E-ZCHARGE docking station going cheap

With many people tightening their wallets this holiday season, it makes perfect sense to consider gifts that fall within your budget – and the E-ZCHARGE docking station comes in mind. Retailing for a mere $10, this docking station is good enough to juice up your cell phones, iPods, portable media players and even Bluetooth devices […]

Casino and Bingo apps on mobile phones in 09

Gambling has always been a popular pastime, and casinos have to tighten their belts with today?s economic slump, so the word is gambling companies are looking to the mobile phone arena as a possible venture.
At the 5th Annual Mobile Gambling Summit in London last week the general consensus was that mobile gambling will rise over […]

Video: Apple iPhone running Linux?

The iPhone Dev Team have been at it again, and this time they have ported Linux to the Apple iPhone and Apple iPhone Touch.
The Dev mastermind bringing most peoples favourite open source operating system to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch is planetbeing, and although a little rough round the edges, which means no touch-screen […]