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November 2008

Have fun saving with the Arcade piggy bank

by Techno Witch on November 29, 2008

Saving money is never fun, especially when that could be used to fill up your current impulses to purchase items you don’t need so that people you don’t like can be impressed. Well, here’s a better way to save – a carrot on the stick, if you will, with the Arcade piggy bank that features Tetris or Atari Breakout. These games used to cost quarter after quarter in the local arcades a few decades ago, but this time round, you not only get to have an opportunity to obtain a high score, but save money in the process. Choose from black or white colors, as each Arcade piggy bank will cost around $39.90 after conversion.

Source: American Inventor Spot

E-ZCHARGE docking station going cheap

by Techno Witch on November 29, 2008

With many people tightening their wallets this holiday season, it makes perfect sense to consider gifts that fall within your budget – and the E-ZCHARGE docking station comes in mind. Retailing for a mere $10, this docking station is good enough to juice up your cell phones, iPods, portable media players and even Bluetooth devices without the use of unsightly long and tangled wires, thanks to the use of a U-shaped cradle and post that adheres directly to any phone’s charger without touching an electrical outlet.

Its ribbed inset provides a non-slip surface, and it is made of sturdy polycarbonate plastic for durability and protection. The E-ZCHARGE solves the problem of unwieldy and unsightly wires that consumers have begrudgingly accepted in lieu of neat countertops and floors. It unclutters as well as organizes for predictable storage and charging. E-ZCHARGE is an innovative non-electrical plastic stand that, with commercial-grade heat-resistant, double-sided tape, affixes to the charging module of small personal electronic devices. The excess cord that is on charging devices gets wrapped around the post, and the end of the wire is held in place by a patented hook. It is small at 2″x 21/2″x1/2″, lightweight (1 oz.), travels well, and is inexpensive. E-ZCHARGE is also available with imprinted corporate logos, and comes in Black and Grey.

You can pick one up for just $9.99 here.

Press Release

Casino and Bingo apps on mobile phones in 09

by Techno Witch on November 29, 2008

Gambling has always been a popular pastime, and casinos have to tighten their belts with today?s economic slump, so the word is gambling companies are looking to the mobile phone arena as a possible venture.

At the 5th Annual Mobile Gambling Summit in London last week the general consensus was that mobile gambling will rise over the next twelve months, and therefore gambling firms across the UK are preparing to launch casino and bingo applications for mobile phones in 2009.

Co-founder of Mfuse, a mobile gaming software developer company, Charles Palmer, states: “In the past year our clients have taken more than 100 million pounds in bets through mobile devices, which suggest the market is developing very quickly.”

Source ? allheadlinenews

Video: Apple iPhone running Linux?

by Techno Witch on November 29, 2008

The iPhone Dev Team have been at it again, and this time they have ported Linux to the Apple iPhone and Apple iPhone Touch.

The Dev mastermind bringing most peoples favourite open source operating system to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch is planetbeing, and although a little rough round the edges, which means no touch-screen drivers, WiFi, mobile radio, or sound support, it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Motorola Atila and Alexander smartphones get pictured

by Techno Witch on November 29, 2008

Most are aware that Motorola is working on two new touch-screen smartphones, the Motorola Alexander and the Motorola Atila, and recently there have been a few images flying around, and we have another for you which could be seen as confirmation that these two smartphones are defiantly on the way.

Not a great deal is know about the Motorola Alexander and Atila spec wise, but from the images we can take a guess on a couple of things, well one thing actually and that?s screen size.

It is known that the Motorola Atila will sport a 2.8 inch display and judging by the image, the Motorola Alexander looks to be sporting a screen somewhere in the region of a 2.6 inch. Other than that we?ll keep you posted as and when we find more.

Fancy yourself a bit of an iPhone artist in oils? Big Canvas has released OilCanvas for the Apple iPhone, a neat application that allows iPhoners to do finger painting in oils on their touch-screen.

With the OilCanvas app iPhoners create or personalise artwork by selecting an image that they have stored and then choose a brush type and simply pain using their digits. OilCanvas for the Apple iPhone eliminates confusion and makes simple art by auto-locating a paint colour from the base image.

The Meizu M8 yes that much talked about Chinese Apple iPhone rip-off, well much talked about by Meizu?s J. Wong anyway has put together a series of videos lauding up the Meizu M8.

Actually the videos are independent demos from Chinese retailer who has set up a YouTube channel to show off 10 videos looking at the Meizu M8 which you can find by hitting up the here.

Netlog is a popular social networking site in Europe which has over thirty-five million users and has now launched an application for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch.

Lorenz Bogaert, CEO of Netlog says: ?Our aim was to combine the strength and popularity of the Netlog platform with the flexibility of the iPhone and iPod Touch. This takes us fully into the mobile age, and opens up the network to a wider range of on-the-go opportunities.?

The Netlog of iPhone app lets people connect with new people, upload images, send and receive messages, update shouts, sign guestbooks and if the iPhoner is GPS enabled share geographical details, all the use stuff one would expect from a social networking site, and is available from the Apple iTunes App Store.

Gameloft to bring Top Gear to mobile phones

by Techno Witch on November 29, 2008

Probably the most famous British TV show on motors is coming to mobile; of course we are talking about none other than Top Gear which is coming to mobile via way of the mobile game.

Mobile game giant Gameloft will be bringing Top Gear to the mobile phone gaming zone and promises to bring ?much more than just a racing game.?

But in true form of the Top Gear TV show, the gamer won?t just be racing round the world?s different race courses, but will also be facing such challenges as playing the car football game, playing darts with a caravan, and how about racing against an Apache helicopter?

And of course Top Gear guru Jeremy Clarkson is on hand to add his ?irreverent, witty sense of humour? to the game.

Several of the many upgrades that Humvees are getting in Iraq to protect against ambush include thicker armor plating and new honeycomb tires which are bullet proof and will keep the humvee rolling when it?s been ambushed in a firefight or even an I.E.D. What?s the secret? It doesn?t use air.

The Honeycombs are based on a polymeric web which will not only take bullet fire, but also explosions from an improvised explosive device and still let our boys in cammy get away at over 50 miles an hour. Most injuries and deaths occur, not because of the initial IED blast ? armor can take most of that blunt force trauma ? but because the tires have been blown out. And even though current tire design calls for a ?run while flat? specification, there?s little a tire can do when the air has been ripped out of the tire by shrapnel. Seems run while flat tires still need small amounts of air still in them. But the Honeycomb?s don?t, according to their manufacturer, Resilient Technologies.
After studying every rwf tire on the market, and tires ripped to shreds in theater, Resilient went to mother nature for the answer and came up with a six-sided cell pattern honeycomb design that can best Emulate the “ride feel” of pneumatic tires, while allowing shrapnel to simply pass through the open spaces. What you end up with is a tire that is not only more robust and durable, but also runs quieter and cooler than current models. And Resilient is confident they can bring the tire, expected to be added to the Humvee design in 2011, to the Army for the same or even less a cost as current tires.

My question is ? how long before they find their way to Detroit?

Hat Tip ? C’Net

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