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November 2008

The ?red ring of death.? It?s three flashing red lights that are every Xbox gamers worst nightmare. It?s an all too common tale of woe told by XBox 360 owners after they?ve experienced a hardware failure on their gaming rig. One that there?s little return from. Sure, there are home brewed solutions that involve towels, long duration operation wrapped like a burrito, and more. But they?re usually short lived solutions. This is largely due to excessive gaming that causes the Xbox to overheat to the point of total failure. But what it truly amounts to is, that the Xbox 360 runs too hot. And in some cases, down right defective workmanship has cut the life of this premiere game box short. And a users only choice is to send it back to Redmond Washington for a very costly repair. Unless, that is, Santa got your 360 at Sam?s Club. Then, it?s your lucky holiday.

Sam?s Club has a RRoD return policy that allows users to swap their bad box for a new one and even keep the hard drive so you don?t lose all your games in the transaction. Then, Sam takes the heat and returns it to Bill with a very nasty note. And even if all Sam?s Club has are cheaper variants of the Box, they are happy to return the difference in cash.

Now that?s a Christmastime return policy.

Hat Tip ? The Consumerist

Wireless Router is also a Vase

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

I suppose there isn?t a lot of originality in creating new gadgets these days, as some of the newest gadgets are a combination of other gadgets. Today?s interesting gadget combination is a wireless router with something completely non-technical, a flowerpot.

Some of you might be thinking that this device is not really very interesting. After all, you could just buy a wireless router and not risk the water damage that could happen when you spill it, for example.

However, I think we are getting to the point where every home has a wireless router. So why not make one that practical as well as practical. Okay, that wasn?t well said, but I think you see what I mean. You might as well make something technological fit in the home as if it belongs there.

I can?t help but wonder how comfortable a user would feel pouring water into a wireless router, much less dirt. I guess a user might feel better putting the seeds of life in it and letting plants grow as he or she goes online.

The company responsible for this product is a Saudi Arabian corporation called STC. My source doesn?t really have a price, nor where it is available. It could easily be a hit whenever it comes on the market.


Get your iPhone 3G gift cards via Apple Store Online

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

Apple?s iPhone 3G will be on many Apple fans Christmas list this year, not surprising really with the ability to download and use hundreds of applications as well as using the iPhone 3G to surf the web easily, you can use it as a iPod and listen to your downloaded music and also take photo?s and view them with the giant widescreen, so the Apple iPhone 3G is the perfect gift for anyone.

Of course as a gift it may seem very expensive so why don?t you purchase a iPhone 3G gift card, you can pay from £25 to $2500 and as many as ten cards at a time.

If you receive a gift card it?s really simple, you just take it to a Apple Store and use it as part payment against a new iPhone 3G.

The gift card has a few other uses, you can arrange a meeting with an Apple specialist who will help you set up your iPhone as you wish and you can create a new iPhone account online.

Wal-Mart employee trampled to death on Black Friday

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

This next article is not about a gadget per se, but more about people?s greedy tendency to rush for cheap gadgets. I?m sure all of you are aware of the unofficial holiday of Black Friday. This is the day after Thanksgiving, where Americans discover that they are not as thankful as the previous day and must crowd retail outlets in order to get ?doorbuster? items at rock-bottom prices. This is so they can give them away as gifts, of course.

Unfortunately, this tradition has gone too far. I have recently learned that a Wal-Mart worker was trampled to death as several shoppers burst through the doors. The scene of this crime is in Valley Stream on Long Island, where four other people were injured, including a pregnant woman.

This is one of those stories where I could make some easy cracks, but I simply can?t in the face of someone?s needless death, especially when the shoppers physically broke down the doors to get in.

This should definitely be one of those events that should be a wake-up call to consumers. Do we really need to storm a retail outlet to get the latest toy? Can?t we just grow up and learn to wait in line? It appears that Black Friday is living up to its name.


Coolest Gadget of the Week away for Thanksgiving

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

With yesterday being Thanksgiving (hope you had a good one with only minor drunken arguments) and today something of a holiday there will be no Coolest Gadget of the week this week. It will be back again next Friday and include the 5 or so entries that we received today.

Starting next week we’ll be publishing our annual gadget gift guides, if there is a guide you’d like to see drop us a comment here and we’ll do our best to accommodate. In fact we’ll give a $50 Amazon voucher for the best suggestion :) (a few ideas from last year’s gift guides).

We also have a few other competitions lined up over the festive period so watch this space.

Have a fun and fantastic weekend folks.

Text message to lock down your Laptop

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

Like many of you, I own a laptop that means a lot to me. Since I am a writer, I make my living by it. However, even those that don?t live by the laptop still have a lot of personal information on it.

Especially in the age where no one really wants to use passwords, and they come up automatically as soon as you go to your favorite site, which is usually bookmarked! Yes, getting your laptop stolen is an open door to identity theft.

Fortunately, new Lenovo ThinkPads have a little security system built in. Once the user has discovered that his or her laptop is stolen, he or she can enter a text message that will lock down the laptop.

How does this work? You use a special text message that only the laptop can hear. No, seriously, it is an ordinary text message that works with the broadband connection. So when the thief goes on line to try and steal your account information, he or she will be in total lockdown, baby!

So, laptop thieves, be warned. Just because you have taken my laptop does not mean you have me! Now your only hope is to take it to the pawn shop, where I will be looking for it.


The R2-D2 LEGO Flash Drive

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

R2-D2 is always a favorite character from Star Wars, so it’s no surprise to find that someone has created an R2-D2 flash drive. This one is actually doubly awesome, because it’s a LEGO R2-D2. You can’t get any better than Star Wars and LEGOs. Well this isn’t a registered LEGO product, it’s actually a handmade job. Luckily though, this isn’t an online tutorial for those of us that aren’t so great at doing things like this ourselves.

The cute little USB drive comes with a cap for the end. Which would take most of us no time at all to lose. It can hold up to 4GB of whatever random things you might want to save on R2. If you’re a Mac person, you’re in luck, because the drive is compatible with either Windows or a Mac. It was created by 123Smile, and they are currently selling it up on Etsy for $49.95. You’ll have to hurry though, because like many of the things sold on Etsy, there is only one in stock.

Source: GeekAlerts

The Refrigerator Fizz Saver Dispenser

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

Two liters of coke are always fairly cheap, however, they tend to go flat extremely quickly. Which makes them only really a good idea for parties. At least at a party you can usually finish off the bottle before it ends up going flat, provided everyone gets the bottle closed well enough. Well instead of worrying about if the bottle will stay good for as long as you need it to, you could pick up this little contraption. It’ll make sure that your drink of choice will stay plenty carbonated.

Just twist the dispenser onto the bottle and you have your tap all set up. Of course if you have several bottles open at once, you’re going to have to have plenty of these lying around. It might be better for just day to day use. Otherwise it could get pricey trying to buy twelve of these things all at once for your holiday parties. You can purchase the Refrigerator Fizz Saver Dispenser for $12.98 on Get Organized.

Source: SlipperyBrick

Verizon, Sprint, AT&T Join Black Friday Sale

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

Large wireless carriers such as Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Attel and AT&T all jump on the Black Friday discount game encouraging hungry shoppers to buy a new mobile phone rather than spent at shops like WalMart, Best Buys, Circuit City or other Black Friday on line deals. Even the Apple Store is getting in on the shopping madness.

Verizon and Attel have both launched new smartphones on Black Friday and AT&T is offering a two-for-one Black Friday deals to get the consumers spending. The buy one get one free deal applies to the Samsung Propel and the Pantech Matrix mobile phones.

Sprint also joins in with the festive deals, with a Read, Set, Shop three day promotional sale, for just $29.99 you can get the LG Rumor of if you part with $99.99 you could be the proud owner of a LG Lotus, both deals are after rebate.

The US holiday buying season started today with the Black Friday Sale, after millions of American?s celebrated thanksgiving yesterday.

Black Friday Apple Store Sale, Plus Free Apps

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

It?s no secret that its Black Friday today, the day after thanksgiving that millions of Americans shop until they drop in stores like Apple, Walmart, Circuit City and Best Buys, but now the guys in the UK can take advantage of the Black Friday deals with the Apple Store Sale, where you will find hundreds of Apps for the iPhone and the iPhone touch and silly low prices, not only that they are giving loads away free.

The Apple Store Black Friday sale is on in the UK for 24 hours, so it?s no better time to shop, even companies like Pangea Software which make some of the most popular games for the iPhone and iPod touch are as low as 59p, you can download games like, Cro Mag Rally, Enigmo, Billy Frontier, Nanosaur 2 and Bugdom for 59p.

If you use your iPhone for business then you can also download lots of business software on Black Friday like iSpend slashed to £2.99 or stock tracker Forex on the go premium at £2.99 as well with many other apps discounted to 59p.

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