Wireless Router is also a Vase

I suppose there isn?t a lot of originality in creating new gadgets these days, as some of the newest gadgets are a combination of other gadgets. Today?s interesting gadget combination is a wireless router with something completely non-technical, a flowerpot. Some of you might be thinking that this device is not really […]

The R2-D2 LEGO Flash Drive

R2-D2 is always a favorite character from Star Wars, so it’s no surprise to find that someone has created an R2-D2 flash drive. This one is actually doubly awesome, because it’s a LEGO R2-D2. You can’t get any better than Star Wars and LEGOs. Well this isn’t a registered LEGO product, it’s actually a handmade […]

The Refrigerator Fizz Saver Dispenser

Two liters of coke are always fairly cheap, however, they tend to go flat extremely quickly. Which makes them only really a good idea for parties. At least at a party you can usually finish off the bottle before it ends up going flat, provided everyone gets the bottle closed well enough. Well instead of […]