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November 2008

Unify4Life BlackBerry AV Remote Review

by Techno Witch on November 19, 2008

What Unify4Life is, is a company which is transforming BlackBerry smartphones into universal remote controls for AV equipment such as lights, garage doors, virtually anything you require a remote control for Unify4Life wants to help you control it via your BlackBerry smartphone.

What Unify4Life ofer is an AV Hub which talks to your BlackBerry smartphone through Bluetooth and communicates with your AV equipment through infrared.

Unify4Life also categorise your equipment via activities, meaning when the user is in Movies Activity mode, the screen shows the user just the buttons that they would need: buttons to fast forward and backwards for the DVD player, but also the volume for the AV system.

Furthermore, one feature with Unify4Life is to allow multiple BlackBerry smartphones to be added to an account so the family isn?t kept waiting for one particular BlackBerry to come home.

Is T-Mobile capable of multitouch?

by Techno Witch on November 19, 2008

One of the common arguments about the Google Android T-Mobile G1 is it?s lack of multi-touch input support. However, the word now is the old G1 just may be able to handle multi-touch after all, at least on the hardware end.

Apparently some coder going by the handle of RyeBrye, whilst tearing his T-Mobile G1?s guts apart piece by piece happened to discover an interesting artefact. It appears the driver for the Synaptics touch-screen has some code commented out, and after recompiling the kernel with this code back in, he was able to track two finger presses at once.

So it seems the hardware can handle multi-touch, so just why isn?t there multi-touch on the T-Mobile G1 s a bit of a quandary. We presume it is probably a patents issue but can?t be sure, either way multi-touch probably won?t be showing up on the G1 anytime soon.

If you own a Nokia, LG, Sumsung, Sagem or Motorola you will soon be able to use your mobile to pay for goods, using the Near-field Communication (NFC) technology which is being built into all the above manufacturers handsets, and are expected to be available from the middle of next year.

Is is likely that all mobile phone manufacturers including the Apple iPhone and Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry will adopt a version of the technology.

Trials of the technology have all resulted in positive feedback from the users, with 90 percent of Trials in France saying they found the system really easy to use and would recommend it to friends, due to the speed you can pay for your goods. Trials as are still in place as well as pay-an-wave cards from Visa and MasterCard.

Sony rolls out a bunch of new headsets

by Techno Witch on November 19, 2008

Sony knows just how important music is to people, and for the upcoming holiday season, the consumer electronics giant has prepared not one, two, or three, but five new audio accessories that ought to be able to cater to just about any and every audio demographic, offering versatility, personalization and freedom from wires courtesy of Bluetooth technology incorporated into these devices. As with most other Sony products, you can be sure that they will not skimp on style either, so you can look forward to fairly fashion forward and functional headsets. More of these in greater detail right after the jump.

The wireless DR-BT160AS Bluetooth Active Style Headphones as shown above target those who lead an extremely active lifestyle, staying in place regardless of whether you work out, walk, run or do anything active while listening to music. Apart from dispensing audio, it also has an integrated microphone that allows you to carry out a conversation as well. With its ultra secure fit adjustable earpiece shaft, you can be sure that it will remain in place no matter how vigorous your workout is. The DR-BT160AS headphones will retail for around $130.

Travelers who can’t live without their music, there is the new pair of noise canceling headphones known as the Sony MDR-NC7. Just in case this looks and sounds familiar, it is actually an upgraded version of Sony’s most popular model, the MDR-NC6. It comes with an improved style and noise reduction to complement the improved noise canceling technology found within, reducing up to 87.4% of ambient noise when worn. I wouldn’t wear this while jogging though, as I might get run down by a truck without knowing what hit me. Available in black or white colors, the MDR-NC7 will retail for approximately $50.

For those who prefer travel speakers that work and look great, there is the new SRS-M50 speakers that are small and lightweight – two main criteria for travel-friendly devices. Perfect for those who want to share their music with others around instead of remaining isolated with your headphones, and they can even be clipped together for convenient portability. The SRS-M50 comes with an integrated battery compartment, a bass reflex and magnetically-shielded 39mm driver unit. You can pick it up in black, pink and white colors for $50.

As for the Sony MDR-EX36V EX Style Earbuds, you get colorful metallic accents and an attractive design, featuring three sizes of hybrid silicone earbuds for a more comfortable fit. You can choose from silver, red, blue and pink colors for $30.

Press Release

Skyhook Wireless has licensed their WiFi Positioning System which is a method of combining massive professional wardriving databases with geographical latitude and longitude to Qualcomm.

WiFi Positioning System can be used to offer a location with a few dozen feet in urban areas, such as with the first-generation iPhone or combined with GPS in the form of assisted GPS to speed up a satellite lock.

Qualcomm currently offers GPS in their gpsOne package that is integrated into four hundred million mobile phone handsets on the mobile market. The addition of Skyhook Wireless?s WiFi Positioning System will not affect those mobile handsets presently on the market but wll be part of future platforms.

Nokia reaffirms commitment to TD-SCDMA

by Techno Witch on November 19, 2008

Today at the Mobile Asia Congress in Macau, Nokia has reaffirmed their commitment to TD-SCDMA. The president of Nokia China, Colin Giles, has firmly stated that Nokia supports the development of TD-SCDMA and that it is Nokia?s goal to develop TD0SCDMA products.

Chairman and CEO of China Mobile, Wang Jianzhou, said: “We look forward to working together with Nokia to further drive TD-SCDMA development in China.”

By launching the S60-based TD-SCDMA device, Nokia unites Symbian’s enormous resources with the market opportunities provided by TD-SCDMA. The current S60 on Symbian OS applications will be compatible with S60-based TD-SCDMA devices, offering enriched experiences to China’s TD-SCDMA users.

Full Press Release

AT&T team up with LG to Incite the masses

by Techno Witch on November 19, 2008

AT&T, the nation’s largest network operator, has come together with Korean cell phone manufacturer to launch the LG Incite. Touted to be the first true LG smartphone in the US, the Incite does come with a whole host of features that will definitely leave you drooling, although it might not do enough to sway the minds of those who have already set themselves on getting the iPhone 3G. More on the LG Incite right after the jump, specifications and all.

The LG Incite does not fall short when it comes to features, in fact, it is chock full of them. Not only do you get domestic 3G capability, you are able to receive that boon when overseas as well, but you would do well to be prudent then unless you want to get slapped with an insanely large bill when you return home from your business trip halfway across the world. Don’t worry about getting lost either, since there is aGPS to help you find your way around. For moments where you don’t want to rely on your 3G connection, there is always built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to help you take advantage of numerous Wi-Fi hotspots that have mushroomed around us over the years. With Bluetooth 2.0 support, you can now hold handsfree conversations when you’re driving. Powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, included software include Microsoft Office Mobile, Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 and Windows Media Player 10.

For multimedia purposes, the LG Incite comes with a 3″ touch screen display, while the 3 megapixel camera is enough to capture great looking candid shots with video recording capability. Since there is no physical keyboard, you will have to make do with a full QWERTY virtual keyboard ala iPhone, but this one goes one up since it boasts haptic keys for vibration feedback. Other features include a microSDHC memory card slot and support for AT&T Navigator.

Interested parties can pick up the LG Incite for $199.99 with a new two-year agreement and mail-in rebate.

Press Release

Well simply put, the answer to that question is Phones 4u and they will stock the LG Prada KF900 in time for Christmas. But don?t fret Carphone Warehouse users because Carphone will also be selling the LG Prada KF900 in the New Year.

Jeremy Newing, LG marketing manager says: ?The LG Prada is targeting techno-chic prosumers who want gadgets with functionality. It will have a similar positioning in the market as our first Prada phone, but we have taken into account customer feedback, which has led to a QWERTY keyboard being included. The people who want to use it are primarily business people.?

Furthermore, Orange will be the first operator to range the LG Prada KF900, and is expected to become available as a free handset on selected tariffs beginning at £35.00 per month, and will probably have a 2 week head start on the other operators.

Source ? mobiletoday

Motorola MOTODEV Widget Developer Challenge launched

by Techno Witch on November 19, 2008

Motorola has announced the launch of their MOTODEV Widget Developer Challenge, which is a contest that permits developers across the world to deliver the internet without limits to mobile phone users.

Senior Director, Ecosystem, Motorola, Claudia Backus, says: ?Aligned with the principles of our MOTODEV developer network, the MOTODEV Widget Developer Challenge is all about expanding the virtually endless possibilities for tapping into the mobile lifestyle.?

Motorola?s MOTODEV Widget Developer Challenge is designed to encourage all developers to get actively engaged in the future of mobile through the smallest and most personal unit of power to access the mobile web.

Open to all registered MOTODEV developers although non-MOTODEV developers can register quickly and at no charge at, the MOTODEV Widget Developer Challenge is accepting submissions beginning today and continuing until February 27, 2009.

Toshiba G450 space age all-in-one mobile device

by Techno Witch on November 19, 2008

The Toshiba G450 mobile phone really is an all round multi-tasking gadget. Apart from looking like it?s come from the next century it has many functions. This Toshiba creation can be used as a USB Memory stick or maybe you want to use it as your MP3 player, it?s pretty fast as it works with a 7.2Mbps HSDPA USB modem so you can use it for the internet on your laptop.

If you use the Toshiba G450 as a mobile phone you get tri-band GSM and worked at a speed of 2.7Mpbs off O2?s UK network. You also get a alarm and snooze on the G450 which you do get on most mobile phones. The only strange thing with this all singing all dancing multi-faceted device it only has 160MB of storage for MP3/AAC music playback.

You can pick the Toshiba G450 up for £140 so we think this is a pretty good deal for something that has so many uses and looks so space age.

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