Unify4Life BlackBerry AV Remote Review

What Unify4Life is, is a company which is transforming BlackBerry smartphones into universal remote controls for AV equipment such as lights, garage doors, virtually anything you require a remote control for Unify4Life wants to help you control it via your BlackBerry smartphone.
What Unify4Life ofer is an AV Hub which talks to your BlackBerry smartphone through […]

Is T-Mobile capable of multitouch?

One of the common arguments about the Google Android T-Mobile G1 is it?s lack of multi-touch input support. However, the word now is the old G1 just may be able to handle multi-touch after all, at least on the hardware end.
Apparently some coder going by the handle of RyeBrye, whilst tearing his T-Mobile G1?s guts […]

Sony rolls out a bunch of new headsets

Sony knows just how important music is to people, and for the upcoming holiday season, the consumer electronics giant has prepared not one, two, or three, but five new audio accessories that ought to be able to cater to just about any and every audio demographic, offering versatility, personalization and freedom from wires courtesy of […]

Nokia reaffirms commitment to TD-SCDMA

Today at the Mobile Asia Congress in Macau, Nokia has reaffirmed their commitment to TD-SCDMA. The president of Nokia China, Colin Giles, has firmly stated that Nokia supports the development of TD-SCDMA and that it is Nokia?s goal to develop TD0SCDMA products.
Chairman and CEO of China Mobile, Wang Jianzhou, said: “We look forward to working […]

AT&T team up with LG to Incite the masses

AT&T, the nation’s largest network operator, has come together with Korean cell phone manufacturer to launch the LG Incite. Touted to be the first true LG smartphone in the US, the Incite does come with a whole host of features that will definitely leave you drooling, although it might not do enough to sway the […]

Motorola MOTODEV Widget Developer Challenge launched

Motorola has announced the launch of their MOTODEV Widget Developer Challenge, which is a contest that permits developers across the world to deliver the internet without limits to mobile phone users.
Senior Director, Ecosystem, Motorola, Claudia Backus, says: ?Aligned with the principles of our MOTODEV developer network, the MOTODEV Widget Developer Challenge is all about expanding […]