Video: Apple iPhone 2.2 SDK has TV out feature

While looking at the Apple iPhone 2.2 SDK, Ars Technica discovered MPTVOutWindows which apparently does exactly what it sounds like and that is it sends video out via the Apple iPhone Dock Connector port to an external screen.
This theoretically means it allows applications intended for screens bigger than the Apple iPhone?s 3.5 inch LCD […]

Mobile phone images: be careful what you store

Be careful what you store on your mobile phone especially when visiting McDonald’s apparently. As McDonald’s are now facing a lawsuit after one of its employees in Fayetteville, Arkansas stole nude pictures from a lost mobile phone and splashed them on the net.
Apparently, Phillip and Tina Sherman are claiming Phillip left his mobile phone at […]

RIM BlackBerry Storm does have OS problems

According to reports, Research In Motion?s super BlackBerry baby the Verizon BlackBerry Storm has been released with a buggy operating system. Boy Genius Report sat they have acquired internal documents from Verizon which are a type of troubleshooting guide for Verizon staff, and warns them of the problem with the Storm?s OS.
Apparently it is […]

Spotlight for your car

Now here’s a rechargeable LED light for use in your vehicle whenever you’re traveling. After all, you never know when you might need something like this, as emergencies seem to occur at the most inconvenient of times. This nifty little device can be plugged into the vehicle’s 12V power outlet to be charged, and its […]