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November 2008

Video: Apple iPhone 2.2 SDK has TV out feature

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

While looking at the Apple iPhone 2.2 SDK, Ars Technica discovered MPTVOutWindows which apparently does exactly what it sounds like and that is it sends video out via the Apple iPhone Dock Connector port to an external screen.

This theoretically means it allows applications intended for screens bigger than the Apple iPhone?s 3.5 inch LCD and was primarily meant for movies. However tests reveal that touch input is disabled in this mode and so prevents the iPhone from being used as a regular controller for presentations or games.

Mobile phone images: be careful what you store

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

Be careful what you store on your mobile phone especially when visiting McDonald’s apparently. As McDonald’s are now facing a lawsuit after one of its employees in Fayetteville, Arkansas stole nude pictures from a lost mobile phone and splashed them on the net.

Apparently, Phillip and Tina Sherman are claiming Phillip left his mobile phone at McDonalds on July 5th, and rang them to which he was told they found and secured the mobile handset for his pick up. But later employees found Tina had been sending Phillip nude images of herself, and that is when it becomes a legal matter.

Tina Sherman, shortly after, began receiving offensive calls and text messages about the pictures, and then found out they had been uploaded to the net with her name, phone number and address, and the website confirmed a McDonald?s employee had found the images on a phone left at the restaurant

Phillip and Tina Sherman are asking for more than $3 million in damages.

Zoybar allows development of innovative sound effects

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

If you’re one of those artsy fartsy types who love music and have a mean creative streak in you, perhaps it is prudent to check out what Zoybar is all about. This is a special platform for developing innovative music instruments and effects, whereby its components are able to offer both research and development tools as a sustainable prototype platform. These modular parts are able to be assembled together into various instruments, and amazingly enough, can be swapped during the performance to go along with a myriad of special effects simply by adding or changing their position across the profile grooves. It’s definitely not rocket science, but worth a look if you think you have it in your to create an audio-visual masterpiece.

RIM BlackBerry Storm does have OS problems

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

According to reports, Research In Motion?s super BlackBerry baby the Verizon BlackBerry Storm has been released with a buggy operating system. Boy Genius Report sat they have acquired internal documents from Verizon which are a type of troubleshooting guide for Verizon staff, and warns them of the problem with the Storm?s OS.

Apparently it is suggested that the flawed v4.7.0.65 firmware will be replaced by an over the air update in December. However at the moment BlackBerry Storm owners are reporting issues and problems with their Storms.

Storm issues such as music at low volume using a wired headset, the music volume may suddenly increase to the highest level; handset may reset itself while sitting idle or while using multimedia application; intermittently lose email connectivity via CDMA and/or international roaming mode, and more which can be found at BGR.

iPhone In A Clamshell Flip Design: Check It Out

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

Unfortunately all you Apple fans this Clamshell iPhone isn?t actually made by Apple, in fact this crazy looking mobile phone is actually a rip off phone straight from China. How funny that they have managed to design a phone which is supposedly their version of the Apple iPhone and turned it into a cross between a macbook and a clamshell.

Although on close inspection this Chinese iPhone looks pretty well made, well considering it?s an imitation phone and there are plenty of those knocking about China these days, although the quality of this iPhone copy is better than most.

So what does the iPhone clamshell offer, well it sports a 2.6-inch colour display with around 240 x 320 resolution and you also get a 3-megapixel camera built in, not bad for a copy, however as soon as you see the tacky LED light glowing behind the Apple logo you know that this one is certainly not the real deal, Not sure how much they are charging for this iPhone rip off. But if you do want one then is a neat tidy 105 x 53 x 17 mm in size and weighs in at 110 grams.

Let us know what you think of this rip-off Apple iPhone, and if you have ever brought a mobile phone in China that was a fake?

Source: phonemag

Spotlight for your car

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

Now here’s a rechargeable LED light for use in your vehicle whenever you’re traveling. After all, you never know when you might need something like this, as emergencies seem to occur at the most inconvenient of times. This nifty little device can be plugged into the vehicle’s 12V power outlet to be charged, and its high output .5 wall LED is bright enough to light up just about anywhere you point it to. The Spotlight is both waterproof and shockproof, thanks to its 6061 aluminum aircraft body. It isn’t too hot when it comes to charging though – 7 hours offers just 2 hours worth of light. If you’re interested, the Spotlight will retail for £12.95 a pop.

T-Mobile charging £75 to upgrade mobile phones?

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

In a new scheme designed to stall upgrades and save money until the new financial year, T-Mobile ?s contract customers will have to fork out £75.00 to upgrade their mobile phones. However if a customer doesn?t wish to hand over that cash, T-Mobile is offering a £5.00 per month discount in what they are calling a ?Christmas loyalty bonus.?

T-Mobile says: ?We believe that, in the current economic climate, most customers will welcome the opportunity to make savings on their monthly bills. All customers retain the choice to upgrade their handsets during Q4, but following a review of the eligibility criteria for mobile phone upgrades, some customers will be subject to reduced entitlements.?

The inability for customers to upgrade their handset isn?t going to go down too well I would imagine as most look forward to the upgrade to a better handset. However some may prefer this ?Christmas loyalty bonus?. One thing though, funny how the T-Mobile G1 is exempt from the restrictions.

WineCruzer 5-Pack Magnum Wine Carrying Case

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

Everyone ought to be in a festive mood now, never mind the fact that the world’s economic system is in the doldrums. After all, it takes more muscles to frown than to smile, so why not keep up the cheer? After all, life still goes on and I’m pretty sure that your family is going to hate you just because you can’t give as much to them materially as before, since they know you’ll always do your best in any situation. Well, nothing like a good bottle of wine to celebrate with good company during the holidays, and you can ensure safe delivery of these precious bottles with the WineCruzer 5-Pack Magnum Wine Carrying Case.

The WineCruzer 5-Pack Magnum Wine Carrying Case is the latest release from WineCruzer, and it claims to offer maximum protection against impact, vibration and thermal shock. Don’t worry about desperate (and thirsty) thieves sneaking away with a bottle or two, since this case can be further secured with a padlock. These corrosion-proof latches are a snap to open and close, ensuring the flow of good wine doesn’t stop abruptly to spoil the mood. As for the case itself, it comes equipped with sturdy polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings. In addition, it boasts a retractable extension handle that makes it a snap to tote around five of your most precious bottles in relative safety.

The thermally insulated dark-hue closed cell foam interior is able to shelter up to five magnum wine bottles, and has been extensively tested to regulate variations in temperature for those who are especially particular about their wines. Its virtually indestructible hard-shell case is able to take to the skies in any season or hemisphere with an unconditional lifetime warranty. You can always settle for much cheaper alternatives in the form of styrofoam containers, leather carriers, or picnic-type baskets, but these won’t do nuts when it comes to providing adequate protection. I’d go so far as to call this WineCruzer offering an investment.

Press Release

Nokia Multimedia Transfer 1.4 for Mac available

by Techno Witch on November 28, 2008

Nokia, a few days ago released the latest Nokia Mac suite Nokia Multimedia Transfer 1.4 and was labelled beta software, and it looks to be holding up just fine and paths the way for a full Ovi Suite for Mac expected next month.

Nokia Multimedia Transfer 1.4 needs the latest version of Leopard while featuring ?a new method for selecting the content to be transferred, various performance improvements and a new user interface for settings.?

The Nokia Multimedia Transfer app enables the user to transfer videos, pictures, music, podcasts, and files between their Nokia mobile phone and their Mac.

The New York Times has slammed Research In Motion?s latest BlackBerry smarkphone, RIM?s first touch-screen the BlackBerry Storm whereby a scolding review by David Pogue.

Apparently Pogue is an Apple iPhone supporter and according to an analysis of Pogue?s work he writes wonderful stuff about the Apple iPhone 90 percent of the time, which is said got him the 3G Jesus phone before it got into the stores.

Pogue?s BlackBerry review says the Storm?s touch-screen was a bid to cash in on some of that iPhone touch-screen mania, and claims that a “BlackBerry without a keyboard is like an iPod without a scroll wheel”.

Pogue also states: “I haven?t found a soul who tried this machine who wasn?t appalled, baffled or both.”

Obviously Pogue is pro-Apple and anti-BlackBerry, but then again in the battle between two giants in the mobile arena it?s obviously going to get heated and dirty.

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