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April 2009

BeoSound 3 looks great in virtually any home

by Techno Witch on April 29, 2009


Behold, the latest home accessory that will wow anyone who drops by your place. The functions packed inside isn’t new by any means, consisting of a portable radio, clock and digital audio player, but it is the overall package which it comes in that impresses the most, thanks to the efforts of David Lewis on the BeoSound 3. This full-range loudspeaker unit might be compact in size, but it does offer some tubthumping performance. A rechargeable battery powers the BeoSound 3 to add to its portability, so you won’t need to keep it tied down by a power cable all the time. Other features include a wake-up timer, SD/MMC-card playback (MP3, WMA), and the all-important sleep timer. There is no word on pricing as at press time, but we don’t expect it to come cheap.

Source: LikeCool

Flo Toilet promotes new way to poo

by Techno Witch on April 29, 2009

flo-toiletAre you the type who loves to do things differently all the time? Well, with the Flo toilet, you will definitely find an out-of-this-world method of laying a log. At first glance, it does look like some sort of squat toilet, but the Flo toilet operates in a manner similar to yoga – it helps strengthen and build your abdominal and back muscles while you’re busy letting one rip. What’s more, the Flo toilet is environmentally friendly since it requires only one-half to a full gallon of water for flushing – no guarantees if you use plenty of toilet paper to clean up after though. All water used by the Flo is recycled from hand washing sessions, where an electromagnetic ball valve will trigger the flushing of the toilet. This self-sustaining toilet will also be independent of electric power, making us wonder whether methane from our decomposing logs are the ones powering it.

Source: Gizmodo

ennova-directJust take a look at your everyday USB flash drive and see whether there is anything outstanding or not. We thought that the level of progress has stopped when it came to retractable USB connectors (so that you don’t run the risk of losing the cap, of course), along comes Ennova Direct Corporation (DBA ION Technologies) who has just announced to the whole wide world its latest USB flash drive that boasts an OLED display. Great, even USB flash drives now can show off additional information on its content (and we don’t mean just the amount of space left inside), courtesy of US patent number 7,462,044. As if having n OLED display on it is not special enough, we also know that the built-in cover helps keep your OLED display in pristine condition always while featuring an integrated biometric fingerprint scanner which adds to the security level on the USB flash drive. Not only that, the OLED display will change color to indicate the success or failure of a match of the user’s stored fingerprint, while doubling up as an interactive interface which enables the user to select specific files and initiate specific functions.

According to Peter Garrett, Executive VP of Ennova Direct, “With USB flash drive memory capacities now reaching 64GB and higher, user’s are now utilizing their USB flash drives as full external backup drives, making it even more important for users to secure the large amounts of personal data they are storing on their USB flash drives. To that end, we incorporated a biometric fingerprint scanner function into the design of our new Patented Retractable USB flash drive, while keeping with the popular theme of our signature retractable USB connector. We paid special attention to the design of the retractable USB connector, adding an integrated cover that when closed protects the USB connector and OLED screen-biometric fingerprint scanner at the same time.”

Ennova Direct currently has outlined a release date for their new patented retractable biometric USB flash drive that will occur sometime in Q1, 2010. No idea on how much it will cost though.

Press Release

The USB Rechargeable Torch with Card Reader

by Techno Witch on April 29, 2009


Very few people probably thought that they absolutely needed a USB flashlight with a card reader within it, but now you can own one. I don’t know why I’m all that surprised, combination gadgets are always choosing odd things to combine as one. Well now you can own this gadget that is a compilation of all kinds of other gadgets. It doesn’t dance or do any tricks. Yet. Just wait though, it’ll happen.

Soon we’ll have cars that can turn into robots twice the size of the actual car and toss us on their shoulder. Any day now, it’ll happen. For now though, you can own a flashlight that has 3 bright LED lights. It also has a card reader within it, although MiniSD, MicroSD and MicroSDHC formats require an adapter. SDHC, SD and MMC memory cards don’t need one though. It runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The USB Rechargeable Torch with Card Reader is cheap too, you can pick it up for $12.

Source: EverythingUSB

Truphone Improves iPhone Mobile VoIP App

by Techno Witch on April 29, 2009

Truphone has launched a major upgrade to its free mobile VoIP application for the iPhone.
The latest version of the Apple handset’s first-ever VoIP app boasts increased ease of use, speed of function response, intuitiveness and simplicity – along with improved voice quality.

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Originally appeared on VoIP on 29/04/2009

QB1: Gesture-based Music Playing Robot

by Techno Witch on April 29, 2009

q1I realize that the picture here looks like something from Criss Angel?s ?Mindfreak? performances, but what you are seeing here is the QB1. Of course, this technology might seem kind of freaky, as that screen watches you. It will actually turn when you walk around the room, and these special sensors actually know your face.

Not only can it read your face, but it knows your hand gestures. For example, you can start your music tracks with a conductor-like wave of your hand. Turn your fingers into a shelf and gesture up to turn the volume up, then down to turn it down. If you spin your fingers clockwise, this works as a fast forward. I?m sure that you have figured out that spinning them counter-clockwise works as a rewind.

The oddest thing about the QB1 is that it will actually learn about you. The designer wasn?t any more specific about that, but essentially, it will learn what type of music that you like, and it will know what to play for you.

I like the idea behind the QB1, but I?m not certain that I like the aesthetic. I mean, do you really want a simple screen on a stand to do what the QB1 can do? Perhaps this is one of those products that are better off without a pretty package.

So far, this technology is still under development, but Swiss company OZWE hopes to have the QB1 perfected and mass-marketed some time in 2009. There is no word on a price as yet.


Vocalocity has launched a user dashboard that works through a Web browser rather than through separate PC software.
The development gives users of its hosted IP PBX service click-to-call functionality and on-screen call summaries – functions previously only available to web-based VoIP solutions.

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Originally appeared on VoIP on 29/04/2009

Seagate Replica PC Backup

by Techno Witch on April 29, 2009

seagate_replica_2-thumb-550x407-16451The last time we covered an item from Seagate, it was the SV35.5 Series hard drive. In all honesty, I wasn?t certain that the Seagate Replica was not the same product. Well, the last thing we want is a duplicate posting, but the Replica is a backup for the PC, not a hard drive.

Here?s how it works: the user connects the Replica to the computer, and then the user tells Windows to run the setup software. The Replica will then back up his or her entire hard drive, and he or she can feel safe knowing that all your personal data is in a secure place. Yes, it really is just that simple.

If there is a hard disk failure, all you need to reconnect the Replica to your computer, and use the CD-ROM for a full reboot. Better be certain not to lose that particular disk.

You have to ask yourself if 250GB or 500GB is enough memory for a proper backup, as those are the two models of the Replica. The 250GB version is $129 and the 500GB is $179. These are both available May 4, so May the 4th be with you. Dang, I?ve been waiting years for an occasion to use that joke.


The Rusted Steampunk USB Drive

by Techno Witch on April 29, 2009


Thanks to the steampunk trend there are now a variety of interesting gadgets and especially flash drives. Here’s one more handmade flash drive, that although will cost you a bit more than the average flash drive, it’s at least unique. It doesn’t look like the usual sleek silver flash drive, which is nice, but the plain silver gets a bit dull after a while. Although this isn’t my favorite steampunk gadget out there, it’s still a lot better than going with a mainsteam option.

Most of the reason I’m not a fan of this one is the rusty look. Yes it definitely gives an authentic aged look, but the texture of it would drive me nuts. Plus I’d be worried that the rust would rub off on my clothing and anything else I sat it on. On the up side it’s a retractable drive, so there would be no worries about losing the cap to it. The 4GB drive would have cost you $40 on Etsy. However, as of now it’s sold out, it’s possible that the seller will post something similar though.

Source: Ubergizmo

Eizo Nanao New EcoView Monitors

by Techno Witch on April 29, 2009

eizo_270x151Earth day may have been last week, but that didn?t stop Eizo Nanao from making monitors with an EcoView Sense feature. This feature allows the monitor to enter into sleep mode if no one moves in front of it for 40 seconds.

How is this possible? These new Eizo Nanao monitors come equipped with motion detectors that can somehow sense a moving form before the screen at maximum length of 120 centimeters.

So when you go to step out for a snack, you will come back to find your PC sleeping on the job. You may wish to disable this feature.

These new Eizo Nanao monitors come in two forms. The first is the 20-inch EV2023W with a 1600 x 900 resolution, 178 degree viewing angles, and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. The other is the 23-inch EV2303W, with a TN panel of 1920 x 1080 resolution, 160 degree viewing angles, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio.

Both of these monitors have a brightness of 250 cd/m2, along with a VGA and DVI-D input. Another eco-friendly feature is the monitors have an ambient light sensor that is designed to adjust the brightness according to the light of the room.

I don?t have a release date or a price on these eco-friendly monitors, but we will probably be seeing them quite soon.


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