Flo Toilet promotes new way to poo

Are you the type who loves to do things differently all the time? Well, with the Flo toilet, you will definitely find an out-of-this-world method of laying a log. At first glance, it does look like some sort of squat toilet, but the Flo toilet operates in a manner similar to yoga – it helps […]

QB1: Gesture-based Music Playing Robot

I realize that the picture here looks like something from Criss Angel?s ?Mindfreak? performances, but what you are seeing here is the QB1. Of course, this technology might seem kind of freaky, as that screen watches you. It will actually turn when you walk around the room, and these special sensors actually know […]

IP PBX Call Handling Boosted By Vocalocity Web Dashboard

Vocalocity has launched a user dashboard that works through a Web browser rather than through separate PC software.
The development gives users of its hosted IP PBX service click-to-call functionality and on-screen call summaries – functions previously only available to web-based VoIP solutions.

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Originally appeared on VoIP Biz-News.com on 29/04/2009

Seagate Replica PC Backup

The last time we covered an item from Seagate, it was the SV35.5 Series hard drive. In all honesty, I wasn?t certain that the Seagate Replica was not the same product. Well, the last thing we want is a duplicate posting, but the Replica is a backup for the PC, not a hard […]

The Rusted Steampunk USB Drive

Thanks to the steampunk trend there are now a variety of interesting gadgets and especially flash drives. Here’s one more handmade flash drive, that although will cost you a bit more than the average flash drive, it’s at least unique. It doesn’t look like the usual sleek silver flash drive, which is nice, but the […]

Eizo Nanao New EcoView Monitors

Earth day may have been last week, but that didn?t stop Eizo Nanao from making monitors with an EcoView Sense feature. This feature allows the monitor to enter into sleep mode if no one moves in front of it for 40 seconds. How is this possible? These new Eizo Nanao monitors come […]