Go Computer: Made for Grandma

go-computerIt would appear that someone has finally invented a computer designed for Seniors with the Go Computer. All I can say is: it?s about time!

The Go Computer is designed to be simple and ?easy-on-the-eye?. I guess the large typeface keyboard and color-coded keys is what makes it easy for those who are visually impaired. In addition to the big font hardware, the Go Computer runs MyGait software, an Operating System with a large typeface and easy magnifier. Another bonus for seniors is the one click access to the email and web.

You may also note the trackball mouse and the all-in-one architecture. There isn?t really a disk drive tower, but a desktop Eeebox PC on the back of the display.

There are only two things required to make this work: a power outlet and a broadband Internet connection. The latter of that could be difficult for some senior citizens. Believe it or not, I just helped my mother get her Broadband Internet connection set up. Before that, she was using dial-up and AOL for over ten years. Some of you are not liking the sound of that.

So, if you know someone who is in need of a computer like this, you should be able to get it on the Go Computer website for about $799.00.


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