iPhone 3.0 software download patches: Fixes 46 Security Flaws

Over forty security holes have been patched according to Apple in this weeks iPhone 3.0 software download patches.

In its update security advisory, its described by Apple as containing six flaws which have all successfully been fixed.

A number of flaws included a flaw in the mail, and also a bug known as a Safari bug, others included in the fix are in Exchange, ImageIO, Unicode, IPSec, MPEG-4 Video Codec, Profiles, Telephony, and a further 20 flaws in WebKit.

Apart from the awaited security updates, the iPhone 3.0 includes lots of new features. The iPhone review explains how the 3.0 update will totally transform your iPhone with a new cut-and-paste function, MMS, Autofill login a fantastic clear widescreen keyboard. And in the near future developers have promised to take apps in a completely new direction.

Source – PC World

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