Wireless Media Keyboard from Cideko

20090611034642927Last week, we reported on the E-LEAD Bluetooth Lazy Pad, a wireless device that uses Bluetooth for a combination keyboard and mouse. This year?s Computex was the stage for the unveiling of the Cideko Wireless Media Keyboard.

These two products are somewhat similar, but the Lazy Pad uses its patent dynamic mouse, while the Cideko functions as a mouse in mid-air, like that one from Logitech. I?m not certain if the one from Cideko uses Bluetooth, but there has got to be some wireless action going on with its USB key.

On the top of the Wireless Media Keyboard are two buttons that serve as the left and right mouse buttons. In addition to the full QWERTY keyboard, it has a row of keys that serve as media control keys.

Yeah, we have seen devices like the Cideko Wireless Media Keyboard before, and I would like to bring up an important issue with these mini-QWERTY keyboards: how exactly do you type on them?

I mean, I have a mobile phone with a QWERTY, and I use two thumbs to type with it: the left thumb for the left side of the keyboard, then the right thumb for the right. If there is some proper mini-QWERTY keyboard procedure, I would like to know, because my other eight fingers are going to waste.

Well, there is no word on price or availability of this device, and we?ll see if customers warm up to it.


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