New iPhone 2010 Wishlist: Can it better the 3GS?

The iPhone 3GS has been available for a while now, and some say it is basically a replica of the iPhone 3G but with a few extra features, which can also be gained via iPhone OS 3.0 to the 3G, so basically the only advantage of having an iPhone 3GS is the speed.

Of course there is the better camera, voice control, GPS navigation, video recording with editing, but what is next in line for the iPhone range?

Although the iPhone 3GS is relatively new, it is never too early to look to the future and the iPhone 2010. There has already been speculation on what the iPhone 2010 will bring, but what do you the iPhone toting public what in the next generation iPhone?

So readers, we want to hear your ?Wishlist? for the iPhone 2010, so feel free to drop us a comment.


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