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June 2009

According to android-developers, Google has now released the Android 1.5 Native Developers Kit (NDK) which can be downloaded from the Android developer website.

The Android 1.5 Native Developers Kit enables Android developers to generate C and C++ libraries which run directly on the Android platform rather than being routed via Dalvik.

However the Android team does warn developers to be careful going native and have said?”your application will be more complicated, have reduced compatibility, have no access to framework APIs, and be harder to debug.”

Android 1.5 Native Developers Kit provides tools and build files for C and C++ sources; a way to embed native libraries on Android devices, and Android 1.5 documentation, tutorials and samples.

Vuzix has announced the first wearable display glasses compatible with the new iPhone 3GS.
The iWear AV310 gives users the virtual equivalent of a 52?, 16:9 widescreen display as if viewed from a distance of nine feet.

Continue reading Vuzix First With Wrap-Around Specs for iPhone 3GS

Originally appeared on :: Latest HDTV Business News on 26/06/2009

The Sony Ericsson T715 is a sophisticated slider handset that features turbo 3G connection and stress free fast browsing on its 2.2 inch display announces Sony Ericsson.

The Sony Ericsson T715 offers a smart desktop feature that delivers reminders of appointments, notes and special animation for reminders of global events and birthdays, and comes with Google Maps, AccuWeather, and a 3.2 megapixel camera with Photo light.

Sony Ericsson T715 and Bluetooth VH310 Headset: Details and Photos

Also announced is the Bluetooth VH310 Headset which delivers hands free freedom with a weight of just 10 grams and will last for more than 20 days on a single charge, and comes with 3 ear pieces and 2 removable ear hooks.

Sony Ericsson T715 and Bluetooth VH310 Headset: Details and Photos

We was sent an email asking if we could review ?Ringtone Expressions? and normally we would say no to these sort of hands-on reviews, so glad we decided to take a look and try it out.

Let us chat about what ?Ringtone Expressions? is about, at the moment it is in beta stage and is a service that will give you awesome ringtones very fast, yes custom ringtones on to modern day mobile phones and Smartphones, we will explain how we did it below. This is what Ringtone Expressions says

?Ringtone Expressions empowers users to create an unlimited amount of custom ringtones for their mobile phones and express these creations to friends on Facebook and Twitter. With an amazingly intuitive Windows desktop client, users can create ringtones in mere seconds from any .MP3 in their music library, YouTube video and songs they purchase from Amazon MP3 or the iTunes Music store.?


Drag and Drop from iTunes
If you have both Ringtone Expressions and iTunes open, then from iTunes you can simply drag a song into Ringtone Expressions to create your ringtone.

Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer
If you have Ringtone Expressions open, you can open your music library in Windows Explorer and simply drag a song into Ringtone Expressions to create your ringtone.

Right Click to Create Ringtone
In your Windows Explorer, you can right click any .MP3 files and select ?Create a Ringtone with Ringtone Expressions?.

Right Click From inside iTunes
In iTunes, you can right click a song and select “Show in Windows Explorer”. Once shown, you can then either right click the song and select “Create Ringtone” or if you already have Ringtone Expressions open, you can just drag the song into Ringtone Expressions to create your ringtone


How got our ringtones on the Apple iPhone 3GS: All we did was created an account with Ringtone Expressions and then clicked the icon on the PC/Laptop and then signed in, the quickest and simplest way to get an MP3 song onto your mobile phone as a ringtone is to click the ?My Music Folder? then all you do is look for a track you like and double click it, you can now preview and listen to the track and once you are happy just simply click ?Create Ringtone?, once the ringtone has been created click the tab that says ?Send Ringtone to iTunes?.

So in list format of the above:
1) Create Ringtone Expressions Account (You can try free trial)
2) Click icon on your desktop to open Ringtone Expressions
3) Sign In
4) click the ?My Music Folder?
5) Look for a track you like and double click it
6) Now preview and listen to the track
7) ?Create Ringtone?
8) ?Send Ringtone to iTunes?


Then all we did is synced our iPhone 3GS to iTunes then open ringtones section, and then simply synced the ringtones to the 3GS, job done. Now to choose the ringtone on the phone just click settings then sounds then ringtones.

This software works with most phones and is one of the simplest to use, we love it and will continue to use it, try it trust us it?s awesome. Just so you know and yes you can try the free trial but Ringtone Expressions completely flips the script by offering you an unlimited ringtones service for an amazing low price of $1.95 per month or a onetime $14.95 per year payment. You can even re-use these ringtones when you get a new phone. For a limited time also, we are giving away for absolutely free our awesome Ringtone Shuffler application.

Get it now you will not be disappointed (Also watch the video below) – More Photos Below -





The new iPhone 3GS delivers video recording, but as with most iPhones doesn?t come waterproof, or does it?

Purely by accident it appears that if the iPhone 3GS inadvertently drops into say a swimming pool while recording video, the iPhone 3GS still works.

And we have video proof for you to view below, and furthermore the guy who dropped the iPhone 3GS says even days after the accident the handset still works just fine. So it would appear the iPhone 3GS is indeed waterproof, although I would advise against trying this yourself.

We have a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure, which can be viewed below. Now although a final jailbreak for the iPhone 3GS hasn?t been released yet that doesn?t stop hackers from having a go.

The first hacks of the iPhone 3GS are PlayStation 1 and Game Boy Advanced emulators which we have the video demonstrations for you.

It shows that the iPhone 3GS seems to be capable of running these at 150 ? 225 fps with no frameskipping, which seems fairly impressive, so hit up the videos below and check them out.

Nokia N97 on PAYG from 3: £320

by Techno Witch on June 26, 2009

According to thelink, the new Nokia flagship smartphone, the Nokia N97 will apparently be available on PAYG from 3 in the United Kingdom.

The Nokia N97 is the latest addition to 3?s mobile portfolio and is to offer the Nokia N97 for as little as £35 per month on signing a contract of 18 months for which you get 300 minutes or texta on 3 to 3 every month and free voicemail.

However, 3 is likely to offer the Nokia N97 for £320 on PAYG, and depending on the amount you top up will depend on what benefits you?ll receive, although most common is 150MB of internet storage, free Skype for life, Windows Messenger and 90 days free voicemail.

Celebrity BlackBerry spotting time, and this time it is Twilight actress Kristen Stewart who gets pictures sporting a BlackBerry smartphone courtesy of geeksugar.

Kristen Stewart?s character in Twilight carries a Nokia 7360, but in real life Kristen packs the power of BlackBerry, with her baby pink BlackBerry Curve 8300, which was spotted recently when Kristen was out and about with Joan Jett.

What is strange though is taking into consideration Kristen?s frequent trips to the Apple Store; one would presume she carries an iPhone. Still proof is in the picture as they say; she is sporting that baby pink BlackBerry Curve 8300.

Video: BlackBerry Man Anthem from Sway

by Techno Witch on June 26, 2009

For all you BlackBerry smartphone fans out there in the world we have a new BlackBerry song video for your viewing pleasure which is located below.

The BlackBerry song is called BlackBerry Man and comes courtesy of Sway, obviously it?s a rap, and to be honest on first listening gets on the nerves somewhat, but no doubt after listening to it a couple of times will become catchy.

The video has been set to images linked to certain words in the song, and lasts for almost 5.5 minutes, and will no doubt become a favourite amongst BlackBerry owners. Anyway, hit up the video below and feel free to drop us your views.

Pretty gutted to hear that Michael Jackson had passed away after a massive heart attack, sadly the music icon dies after having a cardiac arrest and he was only 50.

He was rushed to hospital after his breathing stopped and paramedics could not revive him, we here and no doubt many of our readers loved MJ and his music and music videos and many will be so upset to hear this latest news.

Have Michael Jackson with you forever in your heart and on your mobile phones by downloading his MP3 Songs, may we send out a message of our respects to MJ?s family and friends and of course all his fans. RIP MJ you are a legend and a music icon.

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