Android 1.5 Native Development Kit (NDK) Finally Official

According to android-developers, Google has now released the Android 1.5 Native Developers Kit (NDK) which can be downloaded from the Android developer website.
The Android 1.5 Native Developers Kit enables Android developers to generate C and C++ libraries which run directly on the Android platform rather than being routed via Dalvik.
However the Android team does warn […]

Video: iPhone 3GS records underwater, still works

The new iPhone 3GS delivers video recording, but as with most iPhones doesn?t come waterproof, or does it?
Purely by accident it appears that if the iPhone 3GS inadvertently drops into say a swimming pool while recording video, the iPhone 3GS still works.
And we have video proof for you to view below, and furthermore the guy […]

Nokia N97 on PAYG from 3: £320

According to thelink, the new Nokia flagship smartphone, the Nokia N97 will apparently be available on PAYG from 3 in the United Kingdom.
The Nokia N97 is the latest addition to 3?s mobile portfolio and is to offer the Nokia N97 for as little as £35 per month on signing a contract of 18 months for […]

Video: BlackBerry Man Anthem from Sway

For all you BlackBerry smartphone fans out there in the world we have a new BlackBerry song video for your viewing pleasure which is located below.
The BlackBerry song is called BlackBerry Man and comes courtesy of Sway, obviously it?s a rap, and to be honest on first listening gets on the nerves somewhat, but no […]