Sprint releasing BlackBerry Tour July 12 also like Verizon

The new Blackberry Tour is coming! It was going to be later in the summer but is now going to be with Sprint in the early part of summer, launching on the 12 July.

Sprint are in a race with Verizon to get this phone to market as soon as, for the price of $199.99 on contract after rebates. This new Tour 9630 is said to be the best looking CDMA Blackberry to date stopping the bold owners in their tracks. The Curve 8900 is still a cuter handset according to some although the 8900 lacks 3G.

The Blackberry Tour?s keyboard may be the best RIM?s ever crafted for a phone according to engadget mobile. If you would like to see the full review visit engadget where they are also showing a few images of the new Blackberry Tour.

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