OWLE Pefects the iPhone 3GS for Video Shoots

owleNow that the iPhone has video capability with the 3GS, there will undoubtedly be many iPhone-filmed videos on the many video-sharing sites on the Web.

Of course, why would you want to shoot videos on a cellular phone? I?m sure you have seen how jittery they are. This is why a startup company known as OWLE (Optical Widgets for Life Enhancement) has created a mount for the iPhone designed for filming.

I don?t know about you, but I think its shape resembles a controller for the Xbox 360. Not only does the OWLE steady your shots, but it also improves recording quality by including a 37mm camcorder lens with a front facing microphone.

It is a packaged deal for those who want to be video bloggers on the road, and there is planned support of external lighting and power. There is also a plan to make another version that plugs into the 30-pin adapter. As of now, there are only plans to plug the mike into the headphone and microphone jack.

OWLE doesn?t have this device out now, and it will only make it currently available to bloggers who are willing to promo it. There are plans to put out this device sometime around Christmas, with a price for about $30 to $50.


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