Should Apple iPhone have full QWERTY hardware keyboard?

It is now 2009 and the Apple iPhone 3GS has been released, yet many people have called the lack of a physical keyboard a deal-breaker.

Steve Jobs prefaced his introduction at Macworld in 2007, by saying what was wrong with smartphones (the hardware keyboard).They do not go away when you don?t need them, they don?t change if you switch text entry to bitmap editing and if you come up with a good idea later, you can?t go back and add an extra button. The keyboard is a big factor for a lot of people, on the other hand the pain-in-the-fingers and arms they give you pretty much make people avoid them entirely, zero stress typing with the iPhone.

Most people can thumb type on the Apple iPhone just as well or even better than using the Blackberry or a slider-style keyboard like the G1. It is believed that Apple will never make an iPhone with a QWERTY keyboard and are not likely to suffer because of this. Over 40million iPhone and iPod touch software keyboard devices have been sold opening weekend alone, so I am sure you would agree it?s hard to argue the point. Please vote below

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Source – Theiphoneblog

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