Poll: Can new BlackBerry Onyx with optical trackpad outsell the Tour?

This is one we would love answered ?Can the new upcoming BlackBerry Onyx 9020 with optical trackpad outsell the new BlackBerry Tour 9630?? pretty good question.

The new upcoming BlackBerry Onyx is going to get a makeover that could possibly be better than the Tour, we mentioned a while back about the BlackBerry Onyx will be getting an optical trackpad (read Here), we all know how popular the BlackBerry Tour is because many of you are searching for it on this site and of course the search engines but it does intrigue us which of these two handsets will be favoured the most.

The Onyx is a mix between the Bold and the Curve 8900 which features a 3.2MP camera, QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi support, GPS, 3G and a 480×360 screen resolution, the Onyx was going to have a trackball but it seems the optical trackpad is favoured the most.

BlackBerry Underground showed some exclusive pictures of the Onyx and Gemini side by side which looks good and it seems that the trackpad will be easier to use and navigate around the handsets interface.

Of course at the moment no one knows if the Onyx will be better or worse than the BlackBerry Tour because the Onyx has not yet started the mass production whereas the Tour has been searched for, talked about more and we know it is definitely with us. Time will tell peeps, in the meantime please vote below using our poll set-up and answer the question. Thanks

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