BlackBerry Tour 9630 from Telus Unlocked & Price List

If you are in Canada and are thinking about getting the new Research In Motion BlackBerry Tour 9630 on Telus you may just like to know how much the new smartphone is going to cost you to unlock via

So courtesy of blackberrycool, we have a few prices on the BlackBerry Tour 9630 for your consideration. Unlocking the Telus and Bell BlackBerry Tour 9630 costs $71.99 while unlocking the Verizon BlackBerry Tour costs $21.99.

Other unlocking prices include?all Fido handsets with the exception of Samsung $9.99?Rogers handset except LG Neon and the iPhone $9.99?all AT&T handsets except Nokia $7.97?Telus and Bell Storm $56.99?Verizon Storm $17.99, for more hit up the link.

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