Sondata Shake-A-Pix: A Shakable Digital Picture Frame

ttv014_shake_a_pixFinally, someone has come out with a digital picture frame that gives the user a little something different than the average settings. The Sondata Shake-A-Pix uses technology that is reminiscent of the Sansa Shaker. Instead of shaking the device to go to the next MP3, you shake the frame to see your latest memory. (Be sure to read that last sentence aloud, because it has a very cool rhyme.)

According to the Product Page, the 2.4 inch TFT display is the world?s first digital photo frame to contain motion sensors that allow for its unique feature. Generally, I?m always suspicious when someone says ?world?s first?, but the fact is the Shake-A-Pix has 64 MB worth of memory, which is enough for about 90 images in 320 x 240 pixel resolution.

Since it is the size of a credit card and slim (0.6 cm), it can be carried with you for a quick photo show. It even includes a neck strap for an ever-changing necklace. It also includes a USB cable for downloading photos, and presumably for recharging the battery.

You should be able to purchase the Sondata Shake-A-Pix at the aptly named Find Me a Gift site for about £22.50 ($36.64).

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