The solar powered UVonion illuminates and sanitizes


It might seem odd for someone to design a household product after an onion, especially a product that is meant to sanitize the interior of your home. However, that’s just what one designer, Yun Li, did. As to what possessed them to create an onion shaped UV light, I have no idea. No matter what the shape of the gadget though, it will sanitize your home. The best part is that it does this in an eco-friendly manner, which is always a bonus.

The UVonion has a built-in solar panel with a rechargeable battery. Not only does it sanitize, but it also gives a nice warm glow. Which would make it nice to make dark closets a little less foreboding. Since the LED lights don’t let off any heat, you won’t have to worry about fabrics rubbing up against the light and being damaged from it being too hot. Sadly, this is still a design, but it would make for a great gadget to have around. I still have hopes that if it did ever reach the product stage that it would be created in some shape besides the onion shape.

Source: TechChee

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