Amur Leopard Electric Bike

leopard09-thumb-468x429-21033Have you ever seen a concept device of some gadget, and wished that all gadgets of its type were like it? Okay, that was a little bit of a confusing opening, but this is what I was feeling when I saw designer Ryan McGinley?s Amur Leopard. I wished that all bikes were like it.

Of course, not all bikes have to be electric, but this one is. The electricity is needed for the navigational and communication unit that you can barely detect just below the handlebars.

The big selling point for me was that it opens up like it does. I?m told that space is wide enough to accommodate a laptop, briefcase, or a six-pack. It doesn?t look like it can keep the beverages cold, though.

Well, this is definitely the bike you want to have in countries where every citizen has a bike instead of a car. Also, the Amur Leopard could be the latest for those bike messengers that you see on the road in big cities.

It is something that I would like to be riding. Let us hope that Mr. McGinley finds a manufacturer and marketer of this fine product, as I will be smiling when I see the first Amur Leopard puttering down the road.


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