The portable Handy Cooler cools far more than fans


When cold weather hits, you get heated blankets, space heaters, hot packs you can slip in your gloves and heated USB gloves. Yet when summer hits you get miniature fans and on occasion a light misting thrown in with the fan. As far as gadgetry goes it seems that cooling down isn’t as much of a priority. However, for those with hot flashes or just can’t stand the heat, fans just don’t cut it. Thankfully there is this Handy Cooler that does more than just give you a room temperature breeze.

I am usually frozen extremely easily, but even I think it’s a little unfair that those that get hot easily don’t have as many items to cool off with. After all, you can only take off so much clothing, especially in an office type setting. This Personal Evaporative Cooling Fan is the first of its kind and is completely portable. It will actually cool down the air by up to 30 degrees. It also has a soothing humidifying effect. Within the device is a sponge that you get wet and the fan uses that sponge to not only cool things off, but to humidify the air. The Handy Cooler comes in three different colors, black, sky blue and soft pink. You can purchase one for $39.95, you could also purchase the baby stroller upgrade kit for an extra $34.95.

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