SodaStream Soda Maker kits save pop fans on soft drinks

If you knew anything about me, you’d know that I should probably have stock in Coca Cola since I drink so much of the stuff. I know, I know, worst thing for me. But it’s the one vice I allow myself. Considering a can of Diet Coke can run you over a buck these days, the cost can not only add up, but it’s one of the largest profit margins there is in the snack world next to popcorn. So, how can you lower your costs and still get your soda pop fix? Look no further than SodaStream.

The SodaStream Soda Maker kits can reduce the cost of soft drinks to about a quarter a can, and it uses ordinary tap water to do it in less than a minute. The kit comes with six different flavors to reproduce your favorite drinks and a carbonator which injects carbon dioxide through the jet soda maker into the mix to give your drink that fizz. Also included are 2 reusable bottles (even BPA free) and a 3 year warranty.

Hat Tip – The Grid

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