Samsung Announces Its First 12MP Cameraphone


Samsung has finally announced long-expected world?s first phone with 12MP camera and optical zoom – the SCH-W880 (also called AMOLED 12M). Although we?re not sure whether it?s a cellphone with a great camera or a compact camera with mediocre phone functionality, it?s certain that ?the device? comes with 4000 x 3000 pixels sensor, 3x optical zoom, dual Xenon and LED flash, dedicated hardware buttons to control shooting mode, shutter and zoom, 720p video recording at 30fps, 800 x 480 3.3-inch AMOLED WGA screen and 4GB internal memory. It also supports face detection, touch auto focus and image stabilization. Smart Auto function will automatically select the scene according to environment. It doesn?t have WI-FI and GPS but rumors say Samsung will incorporate this features into M8920 ? the international version of ALOLED 12M.

SCH-W880 is expected to hit the Korean retail shelves in October this year.

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