Telairity Intoduces Hot-Switchable HD/SD H.264 Encoder


The BE8500, a H.264/AVC video encoder capable of hot-switching between a high-definition or standard-definition video source, was introduced by Telairity at HD World.

The 1-RU BE8500 works either as a full-featured HD encoder or as an SD/SDI encoder. It auto-senses whether the video source is SD or HD, and enables users to switch live between the two video formats without powering down. Switch-over conversion is virtually instantaneous, enabling a smooth transition for live or live on tape programming.

BE8500 delivers H.264/AVC (MPEG-4) compression technology capable of achieving more than twice the compression efficiency of the older MPEG-2 standard, with settable encode latencies ranging from 150ms to 2 seconds, according to the company.

Originally appeared on HDTV

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