Mikey iPod/iPhone Microphone Is Coming

blue-mic-mikeyThe second-generation Mikey Portable Recorder for iPod and iPhone has been announced at CES 2010. Like the original, Mikey features two custom-tuned Blue capsules for professional-quality stereo recording capabilities as well as ?an improved acoustic circuit? that allows for higher quality recordings of high-volume events, like concerts. It also boasts a 3.5mm line-input for direct recording of other sound sources (such as a guitar or mixer) along with a USB pass-thru connection to allow for simultaneous charging and syncing. The updated case design makes Mikey compatible with most protective cases and features a 230-degree range of adjustability. Additionally, the Mikey comes with a soft carrying pouch for convenient protection and portability. Blue also provides a headphone extension cable for instant playback monitoring when using iPod Touch and iPod Nano. Blue FiRe, a free, high-fidelity field recording app for iPhone and iPod touch will help you make the most of the Mikey. It will be available Spring 2010 for $99,99.

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