Twitwee Clock

Designed by Haroon Baig, a communication designer,  the Twitwee Clock wirelessly connects to the internet and constantly checks for new status updates or search results from the Twitter API. New Tweets are displayed on the built-in display in near-realtime accompanied by the call of a mechanical cuckoo popping out of the clock. It can monitors any twitter stream or search, so it can inform the user about new tweets in his personal timeline. In exhibition context however it is configured to react on self-referenced tweets. If TwitweeClock is mentioned in any tweet, the tweet is displayed on the built in screen and the cuckoo mechanism is triggered.

The clock consists of a touch screen display with a controller board and a wifi dongle, that is distributed as an open source/ open hardware platform with a linux operating system by Chumby Industries. On the device there is a Flash Lite Player installed. A custom built widget for the Twitwee Clock connects to the Twitter API to receive new tweets.

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