OutWit: Your All-Purpose Web Collection Engine

Most real-life research needs require more than one or two keywords in Google: answering a question online often requires dozens of rephrased queries, pages of reading and hundreds of clicks. Today, the thirst for information is only hindered by the frustrations due to too much information.

In this context, Web users are ready to jump on the first intuitive applications that will allow them to easily identify and collect only the desired information, and organize it into personal or professional dashboards, mashups or knowledge bases, thanks to the technologies of the Semantic Web.

OutWit Technologies is one of the rare publishers already proposing this type of tools, and if they only represent the first steps, they already save considerable time and effort, automating tedious and repetitive tasks.

OutWit Hub breaks down Web pages into their different information elements. It knows how to navigate through sequences of pages and can extract large amounts of data and media and organize them into collections. It will automatically explore whole Web sites or search engine result pages for you and extract contacts, links, images, data, news, etc.

The light version is free and operational. It doesn?t include all the automation tools available in OutWit Hub Pro and the extraction is limited to a few hundred rows, but it gives a good overview of the basic features before purchasing the full version.

The company gives a 25% discount on the price of OutWit Hub Pro to educational and non-profit organizations.

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