CES 2012: Would You Buy an Ubuntu TV?

Canonical, the company that deals with the development of Ubuntu, has presented at CES 2012 the Ubuntu TV operating system for TV manufacturers as well as a smart TV for Linux enthusiasts. As an alternative to other smart TVs, the device powered by Canonical runs this new operating system, offering a lot of features.

The Ubuntu version especially designed for TVs is similar to Google TV and will be able to be updated later through WiFi. Offering support for DVR functionalities, including movies, music, TV broadcasting and YouTube player integrated, Ubuntu TV is the open-source platform optimized for TVs of Ubuntu OS. Canonical is now working on improving Ubuntu TV and wants it to reach all the TV manufacturers, this being the first major step in the company’s intentions to overcome the barriers of a PC or laptop case.

The smart TV model presented at CES 2012 has impressed with the menu’s fluidity and the pre-installed applications, one of them offering direct access to YouTube content. Like its competitors, Ubuntu TV offers the possibility of searching and recording video content.

Ubuntu TV will come on the market only after Canonical will refine the software, now considered unfinished, despite the very good functionality of the model brought at CES.

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