Xybot 1: A Robotic Summer Heat

Xybox 1Xybotyx, a leading edge smartphone creative support technology manufacturer, announced at CES 2012 the much-awaited launch of the Xybot 1, a robot intelligence of the first order that will bring enjoyment of your iPhone to unheard of heights.

Xybot 1 goes on sale in February and full worldwide delivery is set for the following month.

According to Xybotyx founders, David Shafter and Daniel McShan, the Xybot 1 is riding on the wave of consumer demand for greater and greater latitudes in the use and enjoyment of the incredibly popular Apple iPhones. As of this hour, some 100,000,000 units of the iconic Apple smartphone – THE smartphone of the decade—are currently in the hands of users all over the planet.

Shafter and McShan said the latest white-hot smartphone and smartphone-support technology represented by the Xybot 1  promises to bring users to greater Fahrenheit altitudes with the scheduled release of the Xybot 1 within the next few weeks even as the phenomenal sales of the iPhone refuses to abate amid fierce competition from the roaring smartphone market.

Its creators describe the Xybot 1 in this no-holds barred confident-in-its excellence fashion: The Xybot 1 is to intelligent robotic support for a top-flight smartphone device as the iPhone itself is to the optimum handheld mobile computing device. The description include the following: Xybot 1’s twin high resolution cameras, iPhone – style precision crafted accelerometers and gyro compasses  to provide users with even greater ease in apps navigation, particularly with sweet finger – swipe and soft key actions, plus GPS, as well as the latest in hands-free iPhone convenience.

The creators added that these leading edge advantages are combined in the Xybot 1 with breakthrough developments in user-controlled features such as face and object recognition technology, finger-tip enabled area, telepresence for virtually unlimited area reach and availability, as well as easy programmability. To be priced initially at $111.11 when it goes on sale next month, the Xybot 1 promises to fulfill every iPhone user’s dream to own an affordable piece of space-age technology that will launch his smartphone enjoyment into virtual orbit.

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