Nikon Launches Nikon D800

nikon-d800The Japanese company has launched Nikon D800, equipped with a Full Frame sensor of 36 megapixels – the highest resolution in the world for a DSLR camera.

Nikon D800 has been eagerly awaited by enthusiasts. The new model of the Japanese company is designed especially for professionals, being considered ideal for studio photography or landscapes.

Nikon D800 offers the resolution and the details of a medium format camera, but keeps the versatility and the agility of a DSLR camera. The 36.3-megapixel CMOS sensor in FX format allows a clear rendering of details and colors.

The new camera can shot four frames per second and has incredible shooting features, including HDMI output. Moreover, it can record video in Full HD, can do slow motion at 50 frames per second and captures an incredible number of details thanks to its high-resolution sensor, said Nick Banfield, spokesman for Nikon.

“We had 30-40-megapixel cameras that cost 7-8 times more than this device. And this happened only two years ago. This thing has real implications for the entire photographic industry,” said photographer John Wright for Reuters.

Nikon also announced the availability of the D800E model, a special version of the D800, designed for those seeking the highest level of resolution. With a Low Pass optical filter, modified to obtain a larger level of image clarity, the camera is the ideal choice for photographers who want to share the details with maximum clarity.

Besides the optical filter, all functions and features are identical to the D800 model, and according to Engadget, the price of the D800 in the basic version will be $ 3,000, while the D800E will cost $ 3,300.

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