The Go Light is Go-go Greener

The ecosystem-directed focus around us is currently undergoing another shift in the battle for waking up the world community to the reality that unless we go green, really green—DO something to save our environment— we’ll end up in a dead stop at the red light, and call it quits for the 7 billion of us on planet Earth.

This focus is now is no longer on the level of awareness on what is happening and what could happen tomorrow to our entire planetary ecosystem if we neglect our environment. Such a general awareness has been ramping up in the past decade. There is no segment of the information stream all over the planet that does not touch on saving our environment—the search for alternative power sources that do not ravage the environment, the adaptation of infrastructure systems that integrate the non-destruction of nature, and the management of the monstrous levels of waste that is inevitably a by-product of the industrialization of most of the world.

The focus is increasingly being centered on the intelligent management of waste. Which brings us to an essential factor in the new awareness: waste is not necessarily a waste.

This is most conspicuously true in the exponentially growing high technology industry worldwide where the management of what is normally considered waste is a fast growing industry in itself. The brightest spotlight is on the immense electronics and computer industry, particularly in Europe and the United States. Without doubt, the advance guard of the best innovative systems is emerging in the United States, still considered the largest electronics industry consumer worldwide.

There are now a number of top-flight enterprises dominating the new field of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) in the United States offering innovative solutions that adhere fully to requirements imposed for keeping the planet green. What used to be common views on dumpsites and landfills are now being re-tooled in the minds of consumers—particularly large-scale industrial users of computers and related electronic systems—by these new innovative enterprises offering solutions based on intelligent recycling and smart waste management.

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