SkyTec or How to Ski in Bedroom

German company SkyTechSport Ski&Fit has developed a gadget that allows skiing enthusiasts to practice this beautiful winter sport in any interior space, even in their bedroom.

The simulator comes with a skiing system placed on a platform and a screen on which are displayed the images on the virtual ski track. The equipment allows users to train in conditions similar to those on the track, say the German developers.

Sensations are provided by a sensor system that provides typical skiing experiences, from various slipping depending on the level of snow at the bumps of the track.

The system can simulate any weather, from warm weather to heavy snowfalls and blizzards.

SkyTec is, in essence, a fitness machine that provides a combination of strength training and cardio, forcing the back muscles, legs and abdomen as in real conditions.

SkyTec comes in two versions: President Lux – 5.5 m long and Olymp Simulator – 7.3 meters with a 3D panoramic display. The new gadget will also be released in a similar version – Leader Pro – until the end of the year.

The price of such a system can be considered expensive, varying between $ 20,000 and $ 100,000.

SkyTec was installed for the first time in a gym in Beverly Hills. Rental costs $ 129 with significant discounts for those who buy 6, 12 or 24 sessions.

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