Intel Presents New Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks

Touchscreen, thin and light design, competitive performance and enviable autonomy – these are just some of the attributes reserved to the Ultrabook systems based on Ivy Bridge, the new platform with 22nm processors from Intel.

With the ultrabook with the unique design presented at CeBit 2012, Intel wants to show us that can bring experience and versatility to a notebook in an all-in-one portable device, able to combine in one package the most valuable qualities of these products.

The beautiful copy presented by Intel is equipped with a 13-inch capacitive multi-touch screen with resolution of 1600×900 pixels. The ultrabook has glossy finish and at first sight is as thin as the screen of an ordinary ultrabook system.

Its configuration is based on a 1.5 GHz Intel processor from the new Ivy Bridge range and, given the lack of information from official sources, we can observe that this model offers two USB 3.0 connectors, slots for SIM and microSD cards and one HDMI output.

The experience offered when using the touch interface promises to be as good as on a high end tablet, equipped with capacitive screen. If the hardware part is already assured, its operating system (Windows 7) gets the Zinio application, specially created by Intel to highlight the benefits offered by the touch interface. The application allows pinch and zoom on documents and pictures, drag-and-drop operations and even entering text through the touch interface using a virtual keyboard on the screen. This last detail leads to the assumption that the design allows the use even without a keyboard, but this copy does not seem to allow 180° rotation.

Overall, the design chosen by Intel seems to be a solution without too many compromises or worries about product costs, so the price in stores is likely to be higher than on current models.

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