Samsung GALAXY S III – The First Image and the Release Date

Unofficial sources have published the first picture with Samsung Galaxy S III. The smartphone is one of the most anticipated from Samsung and it is the successor of one of the most successful of its models.

A lot of speculation has been made around this smartphone and a series of rumors have been launched, which finally have proved to be unfounded. The image we are talking about, even though it was not officially confirmed, would be the first image of Galaxy S III and it is the most credible so far.

One of the reasons for which this image is considered more credible is that on the image it can be seen the name of a PR firm (Weber Shandwick), with which Samsung has worked in the past.

Regarding the design, the image shows that the new Galaxy S III will be equipped with a special button for the camera and it will bring again the special button for the main menu. Also, it seems that this model optimizes the space it has available, being equipped with an edge-to-edge screen.

Another detail betrayed by this image is the launch date of the model. There is already speculation in the market on the debut of the phone, people talking about a launch in June. Taking into consideration the date set for the phone it is suggested that Samsung Galaxy S III will be launched on May 22.

These are the latest details on Samsung Galaxy S III. Remember that the image is not official so we consider the possibility that the image is a fake. Further information was not yet disclosed, but we expect more official details to be made ​​available shortly.

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