BMW Introduced I8 Concept Spyder Prototype

BMW presented the spectacular prototype I8 Spyder, a model coming to anticipate the new design of the German car manufacturer.

The model comes with two engines, one turbo: 260 kW / 550 Nm 164 kW / 300 Nm which consumes 3 l/100 km and a 96 kW electric motor, which ensures autonomy of 27-30 km. The battery gets charged in only an hour and a half.

Spyder is closely related to the coupe, but has only two seats. It is shorter and uses “Butterfly” type doors for access in the interior. The rear has been redesigned, the hood is semitransparent and at the interior they used new colors and materials. From BMW’s official press release is not clear what solution adopted the engineers for the hood when the weather is unfavorable.

BMW has not announced when it will officially present the prototype, but experts say that we could see it, most likely, at the New York Auto Show between 6 and 15 April.

Specifications: BMW I8 Concept Spyder

Length / Height / Width: L 4480 mm, H 1208 mm, W 1922 mm

Wheelbase: 2650 mm

No. of seats: 2

Kerb weight: 1630 kg

Top speed: 250 km / h (155 mph) electron. governed

Acceleration: 0-100 km / h (62 mph) 5 80-120 km / h (50-75 mph) 4.0 s

System output TwinPower Turbo engine: 260 kW / 550 Nm 164 kW / 300 Nm

Fuel Consumption (EU cycle): 3 l/100km / 94 mpg imp


Output electric engine: 96 kW

Electric range: approx. 27-30 km (17-19 miles)

Battery charge time: Standard: 1.45 h for 100% charge approx.

Luggage compartment: 100 liters

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