Canon EOS C300, Camera Approved by BBC HD

The British television BBC will use for is productions the new camera Canon C300, a spectacular gadget that records in full HD and comes with a matching price – $20,000.

Canon announced officially on Wednesday that the first model from Cinema EOS System series met EBU standards required by BBC for video cameras checked on the EBU R118 grid.

Since the beginning of 2011, EOS C300 is the third of Canon’s professional cameras approved by BBC, joining the Full HD XF305 and XF300 models, which were approved in January last year.

EOS C300 is a compact camera that includes a new CMOS sensor equivalent to Super 35mm which owns about 8.29 PM.

The MPEG-2 Full HD (MPEG2 [email protected] HL compliant) compression and the recording at 50 Mbps allows video enthusiasts to store directly on two CF memory cards, while the 4:2:2 compression offers improved gradation and fine details, reducing the appearance of artifacts called “jaggies” at the chromatic ends.

As part of the EOS system, EOS C300 model is compatible with Canon EF lenses series of over 60 models. Also, Canon has used their experience in building objectives to create a new line of EF Cinema lenses that are designed for video use, each one of them offering exceptional 4K optical performance and compatibility with the image format equivalent to Super 35mm.

EOS C300’s features:

CMOS sensor 8.3MP equivalent to Super 35mm, Full HD

Interchangeable lenses (EF mount)

Compact, modular, lighter weight

MPEG-2 MXF to 50Mbps on CF card

High sensitivity, low noise

24.00p for film production

Remote control via Wi-Fi

Easy integration with workflow

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