Google’s First Tablet on Its Way

Pocketnow presented, from sources, the first images of Galaxy Nexus tablet, Google’s first tablet. Nexus may cost only $ 149, following to be one of the most cheapest and performant tablet on the market.

The images presented by Pocketnow show a tablet that is very well done, at least visually, with SD slot, microUSB port and HDMI.

The icons present on the display show that the images were made before Google rename Android Market in Google Play.

Announced last year by the head of Google, Eric Schmidt, Google Nexus tablet has been delayed because Google has tried to provide it with all the makings to become the leader of sales, said previously analyst Richard Shim from DisplaySearch.

Eric Schmidt promised a tablet with the “highest quality”, and, as sources report, Google’s plans seem to have succeeded.

Developed with Asus, Eee on MeMo pad, Google Nexus Tablet will have a 7 inch full HD screen protected by Gorilla Glass, and a quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

The tablet will run Android 4.0 and will be able to save the content on cloud. It will also benefit from a dock capable of playing 3D content.

Announced initially at a price between $ 199 and $ 249, the tablet has suffered a strong decrease in the price, so the basic model, of 16GB, will cost $ 149, and the most powerful, of 64GB, $ 199.

The tablet would be launched at CTIA Wireless Trade Show in New Orleans (8-10 May). Google wants to reach a production between 1.5 and 2 million units.

With this new tablet, Google hopes to compete with Amazon’s Kindle tablet which costs $ 199, and also the future iPad Mini, which would be launched in the third quarter.


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