Garmin Launches 910XT, Fitness Watch with GPS

Garmin launched at Baselworld, the largest watch and jewelry exhibition in the world, the 910XT model, a fitness watch with GPS all-in-one multi-sports which measures the distances covered in water and on the ground, the rhythm and speed, the elevation and cardiac pace when jogging and cycling. Forerunner 910XT will be priced at EUR 399.

The watch provides accurate data in the swimming pool or in the seas, accurately calculates speed, distance and altitude in real time while riding or jogging, helping athletes successfully facing the challenges of triathlon or multisport racing.

Designed for swimming in both seas or professional pools, Forerunner 910XT resist under water up to 50 feet and is the first multisport watch produced by Garmin that provides data on exercises, such as distance, number of strokes made on the covered distance, efficiency and the pace of advancement. It also displays a SWOLF score to the swimmer, representing the amount of time made by a pool plus the number of hits made on that distance. As a measure for efficiency during swimming sessions, the lower the SWOLF score, the better the end result is. In the sea, 910XT model will record the channel you swam in, so you can redo the route on the map using Garmin Connect. The robust design and its simple interface make the watch perfect for other water sports including windsurfing, canoeing or kayaking.

Tracking transition between sports: When an athlete is ready to leave the water and climb on the bike, Forerunner 910XT switches easily from the wrist to the bike handle. The watch puts multisport activities in a single session, commutes between disciplines by pushing a button and can even record the transition time in process, so athletes can analyze their performance from the start to the end. And with a battery life of up to 20 hours, even the athletes with high endurance and objectives can push their limits.

Monitor your results: Forerunner 910XT uses a vibration motor for alerts on heart rate, pace, speed and distance when audio tones cannot be heard.

Virtual Racer: Runners can now outdo themselves, competing against their best results or to outcome the others. They can be taken from activities stored on the watch or wireless downloaded from Garmin Connect online community.

Garmin Forerunner 910XT connects displays values ​​such as time, distance, pace, elevation, energy and heartbeat. The information is presented through charts, illustrations, reports and a variety of map representations including streets, images and elevation maps.

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