iPhone 5 Release Date: First Official Details

The new iPhone 5, to be released most likely in October, will have a slightly larger display, 3.95 inches, with a resolution of 1136X640 pixels. At least this is what shows the details of the new operating system iOS 6.

The new iPhone will be equipped with a new processor, Samsung 5L8950X ARM, known as “A5-***”. This one will be, however, much stronger than S5L8940X iPhone 4S and S5L8945X on the new iPad tablet. This is not clear whether it will be a dual or a quad-core.

The fact is, however, that the new phone will have 1GB of RAM, 512 MB more than the latest iPhone.

There is also the camera / video module, which is much larger and has a new dock connector. In addition, Apple will move the headset jack of 3.5 mm above, like the iPod touch. In addition it will come with a 12.8 MP camera capable of recording in 1080p HD, possibly with 3D capabilities, and new IOS 5.2.

The new phone that Apple will release in autumn was designed by Steve Jobs before he died. The genius of technology wanted a smartphone with a bigger screen, thinner, more powerful and easier to use.

According to sources, Steve Jobs worked side by side with its engineers to develop the new smartphone. Its release was delayed due to production problems.

The new iPhone will be 20% thinner and higher than the last generation of iPhone 4S. The phone will measure 125mm (58.5mm-7.4mm) with 10mm taller and 2mm thinner.

The new iPhone is expected to load wireless. The smartphone will be available in two versions, white and black, 16 or 32 GB.

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