GeChic On-Lap 1302 – An Extra Display To Notebook OR Smartphone

We live in an era where the smartphone screens can pass easily in the tablet domain, so, for those who want something bigger, guys at GeChic, a company that you certainly have not heard of, announced On-Lap 1302.

Designed as an external portable monitor (8.8 mm thickness), this panel of 13.3″ from GeChic, with a resolution of 1366 × 768, is the perfect solution to many scenarios. Starting with the fact that it can be powered from the USB or that it has included both HDMI and VGA cables (as an extension of the integrated proprietary connector), On-Lap 1302 is perfect for trips and views in family, although involving a series of adjacent cables.

If you connect it to a notebook there is no problem, it takes electricity and video content from the USB and VGA.

If however you connect it to a smartphone, the situation is different. On iPhone, for example, you need a Digital AV Adapter, you need a 5V battery pack for power and screen, and, not least, you need support for On-Lap 1302.

At $ 230, neither the panel quality is incredible, with a specified response time of 16 ms and an angle of 45 degrees. On the other hand, On-Lap in 1302 compatibility with several standards, digitals and analogs, is a plus.

If you are pleased with such a gadget, you must keep in mind that it has no integrated speakers and it involves several other acquisitions. If used in tandem with a Galaxy SII, you need an adapter such as MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) to HDMI.

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