Detroit Project: How to Turn a 1967 Mustang into a High Tech Gadget

Experts from West Coast and Microsoft have joined forces and technical knowledge to develop a truly spectacular car that combines the classic 1967 Mustang model with the most spectacular technologies today.

Called by Microsoft the “Detroit Project” and “Micro-Stang” by WCC, the car offers almost everything a driver can ask in matter of technology, from multitouch displays that show all information about the car and the road, to autopilot software and parking assistance.

Engineers have virtually replaced all the car’s dials with touch-screen displays. The car also includes a Kinect video camera that transmits live images outside the car.

Applications built on Windows platform allows the driver, among others, to browse the Internet, view and send audio / video / text messages and even change the tone of the car horn and the intensity of lights.

Through this project, experts want to demonstrate what future technology can bring to the automotive industry. Microsoft announced it will release on the internet the open-sourced code of the project so that developers can work on new technologies.

Another revolutionary program for the automotive industry is Hackathon, a special support software dedicated to Facebook, a kind of SIRI for drivers.

With Hackathon, drivers will be aware of all updates on the site and will be able to share experiences in real time.

With Hackathon you will no longer need the phone to be updated with information on Facebook. On the display of the car or through the synthesized voice, the latest posts and details regarding the online activity of friends will be presented.

In addition, you will be able to present your friends places where you are, post messages through voice recognition and chat.

Hackathon will allow including video chat, while the car will be equipped with a multimedia station with webcam.

The application will also include synchronization with smartphones and other gadgets you have in your car via Bluetooth and Wi Fi.

Facebook Hackathon is still in development. Ford has not announced a time horizon for its debut.

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