iPhone 5 with 4-inch Screen and Redesigned Interface?

After we learned that iPhone 5 will most likely be equipped with a larger screen than the current iPhone 4S, information seem to converge on some exact dimensions and specifications.

According to 9to5Mac, the next generation of iPhone is going through EVT (Engineering Verification Test) for internal testing, with two options – iPhone 5.1 and iPhone 5.2 – selected as candidates for the finished product. Both iPhone versions are equipped with 3.95 inch screen, which displays a non-standard resolution of 1136×640 pixels.

If rumors are true, the elongated format of the display requires software changes to adapt the interface of applications and the operating system. With the new widescreen, iPhone 5 could accommodate an expanded set of applications on homescreen, represented using five rows of icons. Additionally, we have more room for interface elements in applications, accommodated without restricting the space for displaying content. Given the aspect ratio very close to 16:9, wide-screen movies can finally be viewed without black bars in maximized mode.

Information from other sources announces that the next generation of iPhone will receive a revised docking connector, based on a thin design, with thickness close to a micro-USB connector. Given the variety of iPhone accessory offers based on the old connector format, the news is not necessarily a good one, especially for users who already have such accessories.

As for the launch period, mentioning the EVT stage of internal testing tells us that iPhone 5 is still in early prototype and the final version could arrive several months later and not necessarily with the current specifications.

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