Samsung Launching New Mirrorless Cameras with WiFi Connectivity

Samsung launched the new cameras NX 1000, NX 210 and NX 20 based on a 20-megapixel sensor and integrated WiFi, which can be used to connect to a smartphone or a smart TV.

As standard, all three NX models have an APS-C CMOS sensor of 20.3 megapixels, developed internally by Samsung. They are also fully compatible with i-Function of the NX series, which allows users to control the parameters of the objectives, adjusting the image without taking the camera away from the eye.

NX1000, the basic model of the Samsung NX series, is highly portable, has a user-friendly design and it is available in white, black, or pink.

NX210 follows the same design patterns of the NX models and it has a metallic finish. Like its predecessor – NX200, the new model is equipped with a full 3″ ALOMED for images and Full HD shooting at a sharp resolution. NX210 camera can connect wirelessly to Samsung SmartTVs for as easy sharing of images.

NX20 is an ultra-portable camera, with the design and user experience of a DSLR, but with a greatly reduced weight and an ergonomic handle for added convenience. The camera allows shooting at up to 1/8000 seconds and can display images on the foldable3″ AMOLED screen, which increases visibility by 20%.

With the help of the new Smart functions of Samsung cameras, users can share images through social networks like Facebook or Picasa, or can send them directly by mail from the camera interface. The models offer more options to capture and display images with other devices, including the ability to connect to a Samsung smartphone and use it as a viewfinder, and, with the help of Samsung Mobile Link function, to display images on devices such as tablets or Internet-connected TVs. The new devices will be available soon at a price that was not communicated yet.

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