Dell XPS 14 and XPS 15 – Pictures and Specifications

Dell is preparing two additions for XPS range of Ultrabook systems. The models of 14 and 15 inch are based on Ivy Bridge platform and use the Intel Core i722nm processors, coupled to some dedicated graphical solutions provided by Nvidia.

Dell XPS 14 is equipped with wide screen, 1600×900 pixels resolution. Intel Core i7 configuration also offers 8GB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 630m respectively with 1GB dedicated memory. The storage is provided by a hybrid hard drive with a capacity of 500 GB, SSD of 32 GB respectively to host the operating system.

According to preliminary information, the battery easily reaches the threshold of 11 hours.

Besides the large and Full HD screen, Dell XPS 15 has to offer a more interesting package of specifications.

The basic configuration uses a Core i7 from Ivy Bridge range and 8GB of RAM, but attached next to a GeForce GT 640m – more powerful and equipped with 2GB of dedicated memory.

The capacity of the hybrid hard drive is doubled to 1TB, and for the operating system and applications there is a more capacious SSD of 256 GB.

The larger dimensions of the case allowed some unusual features within Ultrabook systems, such as slot-load optical drive.

With these features, the Dell XPS 15 promises up to 8 hours of mobility with a single battery charge.

Both models have backlit keyboard and a set of connectors with HDMI and DisplayPort outputs, and USB 3.0 ports. The glossy screen is covered by a mineral glass shield of Corning Gorilla Glass type, similar to that used in tablets.

The casing is made of aluminum, carbon fiber inserts added for extra stiffness, obtained without much impact on the final weight.

Still unofficial, estimated prices for the new Dell XPS models start at $ 999 for the 13-inch screen version and from $ 1299 to $ 1499 for the 15-inch screen.

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