Apple To Produce New iPad 2 Version with Enhanced Autonomy

Apple’s tablet iPad 2 just got a breath of freshness. The company has decided to replace the A5 processor, designed using the 45nm manufacturing process with a more efficient version which is made ​​with 32 nm lithography.

Although it does not bring anything extra in terms of performance and features, the new iPad 2 (identified by the model name iPad 2.4) is cooler and consumes less power, which translates into more hours of mobility with only one hour of charging the battery.

The problem is that Apple decided not to promote in a different manner the new version of iPad 2, so it is virtually impossible for users to distinguish between the two versions of the tablet. In the absence of any markings on the packaging or the device itself, users can determine which iPad 2 version they purchased by starting the tablet and seeking the model name specified in the operating system.

According to tests conducted by AnandTech, the iPad 2 tablet with A5 processor on 32 nm enjoys an autonomy improved on average by 16%.

After iPad 2 tablet, the next product made by Apple that takes advantage of a more efficient processor could be even the successor of iPhone 4S, named the new iPhone, like in the case of the last tablet in the iPad range. Equipped with a better chipset, the new iPhone could use its energy reserve to power other parts, such as a high resolution screen in the style used on the tablets of iPad’s third generation.

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