Samsung Patents Brain Implant, We Are Turning into Cyborgs

U.S. Office for Inventions and Trademarks has recently published the patent of an invention developed by Samsung which refers to the implantation of electrodes in the human brain.

According to the document, which you can read in detail on their site, Samsung has invented an electrode, called Implantable Medical Devices (IMDs), which, once inserted into the head of the patient, help monitor the body condition, from the heart to the brain.

PatentBolt reported that IMD will also monitor the psychological and the pathological condition of the patient. The device will communicate with a computer, without specifying the nature of the connection.

On the external display, special software will present the doctor data on the health of the implant holder, such as medical diagnosis and treatment will be more effective.

Samsung has not made ​​any comments regarding this invention so that there is no data on how and when it will be put into practice.

Eyeborg – the first “human-robot” in the world

The idea of Samsung to use electronic devices to implant in the human body is not new. The specialty press reported, for example, since last year, about the incredible experience of Briton Rob Spence, the first man who managed successfully to implant himself an electronic gadget that enhances his abilities.

Spence has implanted in his eye an HD camcorder. It connects wirelessly to a device that records everything it sees. The camera, equipped with a miniature battery, is fixed on the eyeball, so it moves in the same time with it.

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