Nokia 808 PureView – New Pictures of the 41MP Camera

Nokia has provided its audience with another demonstration of the performance of the 41 MP photo camera, installed on the smartphone model 808 PureView.

Even if pictures are resized to a resolution of 5MP, they show an incredible amount of fine details and a rich palette of colors. Although we cannot say much about the accuracy of the colors, we must recognize that they are very pleasant to the sight.

What is remarkable is the Depth-of-Field effect, usually reserved only for the range of DSLR cameras. Obtaining such results with the help of a phone’s photo camera is usually impossible because of the compact construction of the optical design.

Nokia has also added to the album of photos images to the native resolution of 41 MP. Here, if we zoom to observe fine details, perceived clarity is not so great anymore, but details are still well defined. Dimensioned for viewing in a maximized view, the pictures are almost indistinguishable from those obtained with a camera of high performance.

Overall, Nokia 808 PureView is likely to become a new benchmark for performance comparison of mobile phones in terms of photography. At least for now, no other cell phone photo camera can compete with the performance achieved by Nokia 808 PureView model, conditions under which the price required by some stores does not seem so exaggerated anymore.

Nokia 808 PureView is a smartphone addressed to photography enthusiasts and a successor to the famous Nokia N8. Unfortunately, the luxury of a performance photo camera comes with some sacrifices, Nokia 808 PureView being a smartphone not exactly harmonious. It looks quite bulky and a little hard to slip into the pants pocket.

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