Motorola Announces Defy Pro QWERTY model


Kicking a bit of competition for the BlackBerry, the latest of the ruggedized Android smartphones from Motorola the Defy Pro has been launched with a physical keyboard. The Motorola Defy Pro QWERTY model has so much in common with the BlackBerry in as much as looks are concerned that at first looks you can be forgiven to think it is a model from RIM’s stable.

Off late users are inclined to opt for smartphones that are designed to last. No one likes to see their contacts, messages and media simply vanish into thin air due to a minor accident such as dropping the phone in water or even sitting on it. Smartphones can simply no longer be wafer thin and fragile. Thus the ruggedized models, which were incidentally introduced by Motorola through its Defy range, are now becoming very popular. These are functional and, as Motorola has shown, an inclination retains the QWERTY keypad as some users have come to relate to. At the same time they come with the backing of the IP67 certification which ensures water and dust proof.

The latest model has a QWERTY keypad and is definitely appearing to be running the older 2.3 Gingerbread firmware. The LCD screen is a 2.7-inch one with Gorilla Glass protection. It also has a 5-megapixel rear camera and an extended storage in the form of a 2GB MicroSD card slot. However that is about all that is currently made available for the users or the analysts. It is difficult to guess or find out more about its processor, memory and its other functions. Apparently the older version of the Android OS is being paired with the QuickOffice app.

This model will be available starting from July 15th in Brazil only. Too bad for users in other countries which are looking for a near competitor of the famed BlackBerry.

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