Samsung EX2F – Top Compact with Bright Lens

Two years ago Samsung was launching the TL500, called EX1 overseas. This was to be a compact digital camera with top equipment, suitable for a professional photographer who cannot use the DSLR everywhere. The F1.8 objective was one of the strengths of the device. Now Samsung has announced its successor, EX2F model.

As expected, the objective is the most interesting feature of the device. It comes with a maximum aperture of F1.4, a market first.

For those who do not understand why this objective is important, here’s a brief explanation. As the objective opens, the more light can reach to the sensor. This means that in low light conditions, the device can use lower ISO values, which offers better picture quality. Also, those who want to get very artistic photos with blurry background will get a pleasant surprise from Samsung EX2F.

Behind the lens with a focal length of 24-80 can be found a BSI sensor of 12.4 MP of 1/1.7″. This means that it is one of the largest sensors used in the compact segment. It comes with ISO values ​​between 100 and 3200. Image stabilization is achieved through a system integrated in focus. As expected, Samsung EX2F is shooting at a 1920×1080 resolution with 30 fps, compression being performed using a H.264 codec.

On the back side we find a beautiful AMOLED screen of 3″ tilting. Fortunately, it is not a touch screen, control functions being accomplished with a wheel and a large number of buttons. We appreciate the presence of wheels under the trigger, excellent for fine-tuning of parameters. As you can see, the cage is made of metal. The manufacturer used a magnesium alloy for strength and light weight.

Samsung EX2F comes with WiFi module for PC-free image transfer. It also supports the transfer directly to Facebook or Picasa. Android smartphone can be used as a viewfinder, using Remote. Samsung EX2F will enter the market in August.

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